Journey to $200 a week with clickbank and facebook advertising

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    I've been lurking this forum for about a year, mainly for the offline marketing section. I earned some money by tweaking one of the more popular methods there and the day I received that (relatively) fat check in the mail from my first client might have been the happiest day of my life.

    I've always loved working but hated having jobs, if that makes sense. To suddenly be holding the fruits of my labor, achieved without enduring the soul-crushing aspects of employment, nearly moved me to tears. Blackhatworld has changed my worldview and opened so many doors for me. I'm forever grateful to this site and its contributors.

    Now on to my next project.

    I've set up a microblog recommending an expensive, high-commission clickbank product. I'll be promoting it by purchasing highly targeted facebook advertising. Not reinventing any wheels here.

    My pitch relies on a strong emotional appeal for what I genuinely believe is a good, helpful product. Inspired by a Ted talk on the success of Apple's marketing strategy, I'm emphasizing the "why" over the "what" in my campaign. So rather than saying "here's this amazing product that solves X problem", my blog article relates the tragedy of a condition my targeted audience can relate to, and by the way here's an amazing product that will solve it.

    My ads started rolling out today with a $50 budget. I expect I'll have to do a lot of tweaking on my campaign and burn through that $50 and then some before actually seeing some sales, but I also tend to be a rather lucky person so we'll see what happens.

    Total investment so far is the $50 for facebook and another $5.50 on fiverr to get some "freebie" comments posted on my article, written of course by myself to agree with myself and further lament the condition I'm offering to solve.

    I'll update in a few days when this first ad's run is complete and I have some data to work with.
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    Good luck! Can you please share if you use wordpress? If yes, what plugins do you usel
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    Looking forward to seeing how it pans out for you! Simon's TED talk is a personal favorite and if you haven't read his book (well books but hey) I definitely suggest doing so. You are on the right track though as people buy the why, not the what! If you hit an emotional chord you will have them asking you what to buy and never need to sell a thing. Continue to capitalize on this and you are on your way to success!