Journey to 100k/month with YouTube Channel Empire


Still moving strong.
Finding new ways to make my time more effective.
Atm I am reliant on viral videos so I'm creating more 'search-based' videos to create a strong income foundation.
Hi! It's clear that you are really striving to succeed on YouTube and make big money.
It's important to remember that the key to success is persistence and originality.
Focus on creating quality content that will interest your audience, regularly upload new videos, and actively engage with your subscribers.
Don't be afraid to experiment and find your niche.
Good luck with your endeavors, and may your channel grow quickly and bring in revenue!
Out of curiousity can you tell in what niche the channel with 60kk monthly views that you bought a shout out from is?
movie recaps. I don't suggest getting into the niche though. It's oversaturated. I learned the hard way.
That's what I thought... It's hard to imagine any other niche where a faceless channel could do 60kk views a month with long form videos. Bodycam/CCTV footage channels do well, but no that well...
Yes, got everything back.
When your channel got demonetized... would your videos still get pushed into browse features/home feed of new people or just your subscribers?

After getting demonetized my impressions completely tanked. My videos are only being shown to my subscribers. It's been a month already... Not sure if it's because of demonetization or because I delete quite a few videos trying to clean my channel to get remonetized again. Have you experience something similar?
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