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Journey to 10€/day from Adsense using traffic from SERP and Pinterest mainly

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by keryanJames, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. keryanJames

    keryanJames Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2013
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    Dear BHW fellows,

    I built a website more than one year ago in the food niche. I was very motivated at that time to do a great job. But at the same time I tried several things, like Youtube videos for example. Of course, as a lot of you always say, when you focus on too many things, you have no results. Moreover, I was not very serious. So, in 13 months, I must have earned less than 5? from this website :eek:

    Now I have decided it is time to rise from my ashes and begin my mission. It will be also a good opportunity for me to try what I have learnt on this great website but also to learn new ones and earn some (lot of) money.


    First Target:

    10?/day. Once (If) I will reach that amount, I will put a new target.


    Do not ask, very small

    Description of money site:

    The website is focused on a specific field of food industry. I won't divulge the URL because I am sure that BHW members will love it, become addicted fans and stop focusing on their own duties :D. It will have a blog, recipes and description of experts in that field.

    Main methods used to bring traffic:

    a) I want to rank the website for several keywords so that I can attract people searching on Google. I will build my own PBN using Web 2.0 sites and, if I can manage to do so, find some expired blogger/tumblr sites with PR

    b) I will create several accounts on Pinterest that will gravitate around one main account. I will pin the recipes and articles of my website on the main account + pins from other related websites and repin them with the secondary accounts.

    c) Of course, I will also create accounts on the main social champions like Facebook, Google+, etc. I would also like to attract people from Instagram since I have the recipe pictures.

    Source of income:

    Mainly Adsense: I will put ads on my website. I will also have a Youtube account on which I will have some field-related videos that I will shoot and build myself.

    I am an Amazon and Ebay Partner so maybe I will try to put here and there some affiliate links, but I will leave that for latter. I will focus first on Adsense.


    a) that I have
    - my (big) brain and my hands
    - Scrapebox
    - AddMeFast
    - PowerDirector 12 for videos

    b) that I would like to have
    - GSA
    - Tool(s) to ease my work with Pinterest

    What I have done until now:

    a) The website is up and running. For the moment it is hosted on OpenShift. I moved it from Bluehost since it was useless to pay the monthly fee without earning anything. I am using Wordpress, I bought a theme not related to the field. I still have to enhance the design a little bit but once I will have enough articles to fill the space (Ex: slider with last 5 recipes)

    b) I am building (almost finished) a pop-up plugin in order to gather mails in Mailchimp list. Then I will be able to send emails with my new articles.

    I used the aweber one as a starting point then customized it with angularJS for my needs. I will be able to use it for other websites and maybe sell it if the quality is good enough. For the moment, I will try the sliding popup, meaning it will not block the screen. If the user closes it without filling the info, I set a cookie for one week , period after which the popup will be displayed again. If the user fills in the info, I set a 10 years cookie. I do not want to disturb my visitors.

    c) I have done all the necessary things in order to have information from Google Webmaster and Analytics. I still have to do the authoring thing for the Serps.

    d) I wrote 5 high quality and unique articles. I usually gather information from other languages then translate them in English. Since one of my defects is that I am meticulous, I spend a lot of time to find all the information I can in order to provide long articles with at least 500 words. I plan to create articles with 1000+ words since quality is a must nowadays. I hope to have the time to write 3 articles per week.

    e) For recipes, I bought several books from which I scan the pictures and translate the text in English. In this way, I am sure that the text is unique but I am a little bit afraid concerning the copyright of the pictures. :scared1: I have more than 300 hundred recipes in the queue so the quantity is enough for several weeks of translating job.

    f) I have manually created 3 Web2.0 for my personal PBN. I have written 2 articles of 500 words for each of them with one picture related to the field. I still have to create at least 3 articles for each of them. I will also create other Web2.0.

    g) I already have one Pinterest account with 200 followers which is part of 2 group boards related to the field. I have created the main account but the boards are still private until I fill them with enough pins. I will have to make it part of group boards.

    h) I have 3 Twitter accounts with around 300 followers for each of them.

    Main defects of my method:

    a) Not enough time since I have a day job + I have to play with my son + I have to play with my wife .... so roughly 3-4 h per day if I am not destroyed in the evening during week days. More time during weekends.
    b) Lot of translating work that can not be automated
    c) Copyright of pictures
    d) Lack of tools to automate some of the tasks, for example Pinterest following. But at least I will be sure to have great quality in the people I follow and pins I share.
    e) PBN from scratch. No PR = no juice to my main website.
    f) Hard to find expired blogs in the niche

    Hidden assets:

    Mainly your advice, guys! And the information found on BHW.

    Updates on this thread:

    I will do my best to often update this thread with all the tasks I do, the earnings and of course discuss with you alternatives to my method that I will surely diversify on the road. Be direct, give me your opinion, tell me if I am wrong. Be sure that your recommendations will not fell on deaf ears. And maybe wish me luck ;)

  2. keryanJames

    keryanJames Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2013
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    In order to ease your reading, this will be the format of my updates. This first update already contains the current state of information.




    Position in SERP from main keyword (4400 monthly searches)


    Most generic keyword of the niche (130 000 monthly searches)

    Not visible (yet)


    Main account : 0 follower

    1 secondary account: 200 followers - member of 3 group boards
  3. tzbt827

    tzbt827 Regular Member

    Nov 16, 2013
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    Good luck with this! Many people use this method and it works well for most of them.
  4. Eeter

    Eeter Registered Member

    Nov 23, 2013
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    Sounds like a well thoughtout plan, I like it. I'm slowly getting into Pinterest as well and might follow your steps! I know the recipe niche is huge over there, so I might just have to give in and do something similar.

    Good luck, I'll follow!
  5. The SEO

    The SEO Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Dec 14, 2011
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    Home Page:
  6. erickishere

    erickishere Elite Member

    Nov 27, 2012
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    Solid plan. Are your recipes unique and not copy and pasted?
  7. keryanJames

    keryanJames Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2013
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    As I said above, I bought several recipe books in other languages than English and I am planning to translate the majority of them. So far I have translated 5 recipes. I am dividing them in three categories: easy, medium and difficult.
  8. keryanJames

    keryanJames Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2013
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    I am now writing an article about one of the most famous specialist in my niche. I already have 600 words and it is far to be finished. I want to create an authoritative post in order to be able to put a backlink of the related article on Wikipedia. Even that article is not as detailed as the result I would like to achieve. For those who have experience with Wikipedia, do you have an advice on how to do that? Is it as easy as creating an account and editing the article or are there several steps to follow?
  9. keryanJames

    keryanJames Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2013
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    What I have done

    - This last week I focused mainly on setting up my social profiles, especially the Pinterest one. I have pinned everyday, followed people, repinned and liked.
    - So far I have around 150 followers.
    - Member of two niche related group boards having a total of 400 000 followers on which I pin everyday

    Social accounts
    - I also create Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon accounts. I am planning to create one on Instagram.

    - I have posted at least one recipe and at max 3 recipes per day (around 13 in total).
    - I have written my 600 words blog post.

    Web 2.0
    - Unfortunately, I have not done anything concerning the web 2.0

    SERP (whatsmyserp)

    Main keyword: position 35




    0.41 euros
    Page Views : 985
    Clicks: 3
    Page CTR : 0.30%
    CPC: 0.14 euros

    I removed Adsense Screenshot since it is against TOS.

    I have decided to not check my adsense account during the entire week and hoped that maybe I will have a nice surprise today. Unfortunately the results are really disappointing. It seems that the number of clicks was only equal to 3. It means that I should think about a better strategy in terms of ads placement.

    What I will do this week

    - I will continue my work on Pinterest. It seems that people are enjoying what I am pinning
    - Find new group boards
    - Create several web 2.0 manually. VERY IMPORTANT!
    - Create Instagram account
    - Publish recipes on daily basis
    - Publish at least 2 blog posts. As I said the research takes time because I want to have authority posts.

    What you can do

    - Analysis of the data I have provided in the above screens
    - Give some ideas that might help me to increase the revenues
    - If you have great Pinterest group boards related to food (high number of followers but low number of contributors), invite me ;)
    - Advices concerning some good sources of traffic for this niche


    That's it for the 1st week! The results are not very motivating but I will continue my work, we never know. If you have questions, do no hesitate, I will answer with pleasure.

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  10. anaseem

    anaseem Junior Member

    Jun 3, 2013
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    Very professional thinking for your journey GL... beawer with adsense TOS
  11. XxUnivaxX

    XxUnivaxX Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 15, 2013
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    Hey Keryan,

    have a few of the Questions, I dont have a website for this yet.
    I have created a Tumblr blog and trying to drive traffic their just want to ask can I apply adsense in that tumblr blog.

    also have a few more question.if you are Free please drop me a PM with your Skype so that i can catch you up..

    and Wish you best of Luck with your Journey.