JOURNEY TO 10,000 July 2016 and 500,000$ JULY 2017


Jul 31, 2008
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I've been a lurker on blackhatworld for years but have read a lot and have decided to make my first post a two part journey.

Goal 1-10,000$ by July 2016
Goal 2-500,000$ by July 2017

Goal 1-I am a delivery man for a company but they will be closing june 30th, 2016. I also leave to Jamaica July 1st, so when I return , I don't want to have to deliver anything again. I do have another part time job I do on the weekend so I'll hang on to that in the meantime.

Goal 2- It's been my dream to become rich and I will be near there with 500,000$ in my bank account.

Prior to my commitment, I have been obsessed with American football,browsing facebook for hours ,reading all kinds of sports news and playing video games. In the past few weeks I've sacrificed most of this as I only read headlines now, check fb once a day and play maybe 1-2 gms per week.

Am not the best in IM but I used to make anywhere from 200-400$ per month. I used to sell programs and ebooks and also used to do ppd. However, this was years ago. I got married 2 years ago and now I'm making anywhere from 1-2$ per month.


1ST MONEY STREAM:Self help product development and marketing site. I teach people how to do all of the above.The cost to sign up is 300$.
Once one signs up they learn to create , market products and also refer others for a profit , so when I reach a certain point, a lot of my advertising should be word of mouth. I been working on and thinking about this idea for 7 years but haven't really been able to do much with it.

I am now putting a deadline on it and will be moving full speed ahead to reach both of these goals. Had been really lacking focus the past few years, but am feeling primed and ready right now

-Advertising on Craigslist and kijiji. I would just put out a regular 'looking for part time workers ad' and I get a bunch of random people to convert.

Convert through email if doesn't work
Then use va to do telemarketing until they give in.

In the past I ran a telemarketing campaign with an Indian va doing 2$ per hour. He was horrible, he called about 200 people but he only ended up making one sale when I had reduced the sign up fee to 200$. This time I will try to invest more to get better quality marketers.

-Youtube video to my landing page and youtube comments. I currently have about 8 videos on YouTube but none are ranked and under 30 views. Five are testimonials. Three are audio of a financial tips. Not ranked , under 30 views.

2ND MONEY STREAM: Ebooks. I am a writer , I've written two full length books with both currently out on kindle publishing , but no sales yet. I am also in the process of writing a third which has the potential to hit the big screen.

I need to MARKET ALL OF THESE BOOKS. One is about religion, one is about women of a certain ethnicity and the other is science fiction.

I have already gotten a va to scrape facebook groups with similar topic to 1 of my books. Need get the others done too and start posting.

3RD MONEY STREAM: MICROWORKERS, fiverr,Utest, i writer.
To get the money to invest in VA's I need to do most of the work for me, I will be doing some small jobs , testing , pay to sign up.etc. I really don't want to use my own hard earned money to invest in this.


-reply to email messages from potential employees(after getting ads rolling)
-post video on YouTube
-post into groups related to book topics
- do atleast 1 job to gain capital to invest

-find capable telemarketer
-develop a powerful phone pitch
-develop powerful email pitch
-scrap facebook some for more groups
-find va to post in groups daily

Profit to date: 0$ because I blew the 200$ I made before.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to chime in.
Good luck on your mission, I hope you hit your goals!
that $200 sale that you made sounds great! for $2 an hour surely within 100 hours the VA could make a sale which is then the cost to hire. If they can't make a sale within 100 hours of telemarketing then I would suggest that VA to be blacklisted for life.
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