[Journey] Starting an online design agency


May 20, 2019
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I always wanted to start my own company. Couldn't really reach that level in the physical world due to uncountable problems. I found this page some time ago and I decided to start a website and expand my dream in the online world.

Already got the domain and currently working on the website. Hopefully it will be up and running soon. I still haven't decided on how to drive traffic. I got an ig account that got 12k followers. But it is related to photography stuff other than design. I'm currently thinking of a way to merge them together.

Anyway, there is another official instargam page currenly active with follow/unfollow method.

Planning to run some adds on facebook once everything is ready.

pretty much I will be the only designer and hoping to hire someone during next week.

Your thoughts, ideas and comments are welcome....
Do your own research on ads and marketing. Your IG account won't be able to bring you much traffic, especially considering it's a completely different niche.
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