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[Journey] Silan's Affiliate Program Journey To Long Term Success [$50/day Goal]

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by silan, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. silan

    silan Registered Member

    Feb 15, 2009
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    Hey, I have been a lurker on BHW for quite a while and would like to act on the method?s I have learned. I will be using an affiliate program to reach my method and will be using this thread for motivation/ answers to some of my questions so please help out if you think I am doing something wrong or can help me improve. My affiliate program brings me anywhere from 6-10% depending on the product I sell (very niche specific products please don?t ask me what my affiliate program is, you will most likely be ignored) my website focuses on reviewing what my affiliate is selling.

    What I have Done!
    I registered a domain around two weeks ago, uploaded about 10 posts and let it sit with proper sitemaps while I researched how I will execute my method. Uploaded a few more posts and worked on my On Page SEO. While I was working on this website around, April 10-20[SUP]th[/SUP] I had contacted a few people for product review purposes, the videos arrived pretty fast, before my website was ready so I just threw in my affiliate link in the description and uploaded them on youtube. Once my website gets off the ground, I will start linking my site on the two video reviews that I uploaded. The video was sitting uploaded for about 5-10 days when I actually got my first three sales Yay!!! Since then I noticed a decrease in the amount of clicks I was getting (probably dropped in youtube rankings)

    Did not expect it what so ever, was originally part of my backlinking strategy so I am very pleased that I received some sales.

    Video Cost: 2x 10 = 20$

    Keyword 1 variation#1 = 4,000
    Keyword 1 variation#2= 6,000
    Keyword 1 Variation#3 = 1,000
    Keyword 1 = 13,000

    Keyword 2 variation#1 = 7000
    Keyword 2 variation#2 = 1000
    Keyword 2 variation#3 = 1000
    Keyword 2 = 40, 000

    Keyword 3 variation#1 = 20,000
    Keyword 3 Variation#2= 5,000
    Keyword 3 = 41,000

    The goal for right now, is ranking for all the variations of the keywords first. The variation of the keywords are not too competitive, so I will try to target them first before even attempting to move onto the main primary keyword. I think that I have a pretty good shot at becoming 1-5 rank for these variations, checked out the SEO that competitors have and I should be able to beat them in around 1-2 months. Surprisingly, some keywords do not even return sites that are relevant to the keyword so I might even get to rank 1-5 in 1-2 weeks. This site seems like it can become a long term investment and I would like to keep it that way. I would like to make this a legit website which actually attracts visitors and provides what it is meant to so I will post only content written by myself (no spun or outsourced) I want to spend around 300$ over the course of three month on this website, allowing 100$ for each month starting May. I know that noobs make huge mistakes in the beginning so I want to limit the money that I spend and if the website starts to pick up, all profits will be reinvested as much as they can. The main primary keywords will ONLY be focused on after I can land on rank 1-3 In google my other keywords.

    APRIL 25

    Article posts on site: 11
    Scheduled: 0

    Bought some social bookmarking for the two youtube videos a few days ago, starting to see some results. Clicks jumped from 10ish a day to around 50. Will probably die down after a while but hopefully the 6$ social bookmarking SEO package I bought will at least pay for itself. I uploaded two more product reviews on website and scheduled one next month. I purchased SEO maximus Ultimate B package for 80$ (used coupon for 30% so 56$ for the first month) and set up the campaign to target my keyword variations. I wanted to use a reliable backlink building service that would be very beneficial over time and my final decision was Maximus because I think that it has the least amount of danger or possibility of sand boxing or experiencing Google rank dances due to the constant drip feeding of the service.

    Goals for today
    Schedule at least 2 more reviews for the next month.
    Posts two more reviews
    Set up google analytics for the website
    Brain storm some ideas to drive in traffic
    Downloaded a good review theme which I will start to configure and switch the whole website on to after I am comfortable using it (testing in subdomain right now)

    Goals for the Month
    20 posts by the end of April (2 Posts a day)
    Configure an appealing theme for website.
    Add new features such as featured posts and ?top products? section to my website to further drive sales.
    Find a suitable keyword ranking tracker, leaning towards Cuteranker right now but please let me know what keyword tracker you would like me to use
    My affiliate website changes prices, once in awhile so I need to figure out If I should Include prices on my website or not, any help would be appreciated on this question.
    Work on SEO aspect of site and monitor the backlinks.
    Thinking about trying to build an email list from my website with contests and sweepstakes"get [Product] for free by entering our giveaway" so I can actually start emailing them when new products arrive which is pretty much every 1-3 days.

    Journey Goals

    Let me know what stats you will want to see posted on this journal, I will be posting google analytic stats after they start getting juicy, no one wants to see 10 UV/Day charts :D
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  2. silan

    silan Registered Member

    Feb 15, 2009
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    I made ten products review articles and scheduled five of them for may and uploaded the remaining five on the website. I downloaded and configured a theme which would benefit the website. It has tons of features which can be used to display hot items, staff picks and On sale products. I have started to see some backlinks but we are still a long way to go before i move any rankings. I installed google analytics and it shows me that I get 20/ UV a day from the youtube videos that I uploaded. I looked around the forums to figure out another way to drive traffic to my site because i hate sitting on my hands and SEO is pretty much a waiting game and I have decided to try out Facebook and Twitter. I have a good feeling that my niche is easily marketable through social platforms and will invest some time and money into it. I am allowing a total of 30$ for this social platform method that I will tryout while maintaining to post additional content and also schedule some for next month.

    Goals For this Month
    Reach 20 published articles by april 30 (Scheduled not included) Five more to go
    Make better banner (Banner right now is not that appealing)
    Drive traffic to website from twitter and Facebook
    Schedule 20 Posts before may starts. Fifteen more to go
  3. Coingrabber

    Coingrabber Regular Member

    Dec 29, 2013
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    Go forward Bro!
    After such a long time!