[Journey] - Share4win's Journey to $50/Day before Jan'18 - Shopify + CPA Website + No Plan :-(

Shall I reach my goal $50/Day before this year end?

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Jan 2, 2014
Hey All,

This is a journey to $50/Day....That's the plan as of now and I don't have any structured plan to achieve this goal. I don't have any boring stories and I'm working around 60hrs/week - Not for me and as a slave for $$$$. So, I've very minimal time to invest in side projects. I do have some past success in creating Amazon affiliate websites. So, I'm sure that I can reach my goal this time ( Since I failed miserably in the past because of my laziness).

As usual, to account myself I'm starting this journey...Hope, this journey will be active until I reach $50/day....

Why Shopify?

Well...As of me, driving traffic is an important thing if you have a website, social media page etc., For this you need to be creative in writing as well as you must have patience since it'll take time. So, I need to buy traffic at initial stage. It's not possible to drive traffic to the brand new website immediately with SEO, Social media page without buying....And, my profit should be more than what I spend... After analyzing this one, I've chosen SHOPIFY + DROPSHIPPING. Well...I've registered 2 months trial with shopify and it's already past 25 days after I signed up....And there is only 10+ products listed in my store...Below is the statistics of my store and no sales as of today.


CPA Website:

I don't have much experience in CPA website. But, I've bought a keyword from here in BHW and started a website. Not much to discuss on this as of now. Registered a domain and posted couple of articles.

No Plan, What to do next?

As I mentioned in the title, I don't have any plan to move on from now. As of now, I must add at least 100+ products into my store. I need to build the social media accounts for my store. By the way, I've MassPlanner and I'm paying each month $10 for nothing :).

One another important factor to start this journey is getting idea from experts here... All your ideas and advise are welcome.:):):)

Also, I've created a poll and expecting the results based on my progress...Not now..

And English is not my first language, still I'm able to manage ;);)
well you should try to keep on working and not pushing the work away, as i see you did nearly nothing in 25days past your shop "opened"... and thats pretty bad... dont find excuses but just start right now and add products, get your social media accounts, and use your massplanner for those.
but good luck, will follow :)
Ha ah..This is not died...I'm adding products in slow manner...I may walk slow..Buy I don't want to turn back this time..;)
Small Update:

I've added around 50 products in my store and growing my IG page slowly, also manually. I've created a FB Page, Pinterest account also to tap the social media market. My IG page has currently 1k followers and growing fine. Also, I've ordered couple of social media gigs from Fiverr which I personally like. I've ordered these gigs by yesterday and I hope it'll get delivered in couple of days. I'm getting around 10 visitors daily to my store and by this weekend I'll add around 100 products to my store. Next plan is to up my MassPlanner and grow sub-accounts of my niches...

Stay tuned for slow updates and looking forward some valuable advises...

So, I've ordered couple of Fiverr Gigs two days before and one order is pending still now. I didn't expect much results from those gigs and that's true. From that one gig which is delivered, I'm getting hardly 1 or 2 visitors only to my store.

By yesterday, I've ordered one shout out from a guy with 111k followers. It's a 24 hours shout out for $20 and below is the result:


I've seen 4 customers reached until check out and made 1 sale. Still Not bad I feel. The shout out will be live for 3 more hours..Let's see the final results. I'm still adding products into my store.

My CPA website is also ranking slowly and I'm not doing much activities on this site.


Any advises are welcome...
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