[JOURNEY] SEO to $1k/m + Blackhat Side-Hustle to $20k/m

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Sep 12, 2021
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good to see you taking anothershot

i am Following to see your results


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Dec 7, 2021
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Hey folks,

In the last few days I read quite a few journey threads in here and they seem alright! :)

So I decided to create my own journey thread to keep me accountable and start the next year with a boost :)

In this journey I will be focusing on 2 "methods", SEO and a blackhat hustle.

The SEO part is self-explanatory, just build 100% handwritten content on a site and build NO links to see if that "building only content" strategy works.

The blackhat hustle is something i've been doing for years, which I basically exploit a system to get profit from it. I stopped working on it as I wanted to be 100% whitehat, but as that failed and couldn't make enough money, I decided to continue with my old blackhat hustle, but this time I will run the blackhat exploit hustle until it gets patched and I cannot do it anymore. I think that this hustle has the potential of doing $10k-$20k a month. So, I will push this blackhat hustle until it gets patched, so I will drain it dry.


For the SEO plan, I am thinking of creating a site in a tough niche with high CPC as I plan to monetize with adsense.

The goal is $1,000 per month from this site, so if I get say a low average CPC of $5-$10, I would only need 100-200 clicks a MONTH to get there! If my CTR is like 2%, that means I would need to get 5k-20k users a month to get to $1k per month.

To be honest, I don't know if I will need to buy backlinks, but it will be interesting to see if I can turn a fresh domain with only handwritten content into a money-making machine.

The budget for this site is $0.00 USD and only hosting + domain renewal will be the budget for this site.

I read @Bloooop journey thread where he is only writing content and no backlinks, so it motivated me to create a site of my own and HOPEFULLY, in a fe wmonths start making a few bucks.

This site will be the "side project", as I know the blackhat hustle will be bringing a LOT more money than the SEO plan.

The goal for my SEO Site will be to hit $1k/m and at least 1,000 articles with 1k-2k words each, so that each article makes $1/m and reach that $1k per month easy :)


Unfortunately, for this project I can't give any details on what I do, but to put it simple, I exploit systems for profit and I left it because I wanted to be 100% whitehat with my sites, but they were just a disappointment. So, this time, I will do the blackhat hustle until I drain it dry or until I can't exploit the system anymore.

With this hustle, I think I can pull $10k-$20k a month at the peak, but it will take me quite a while to get there as I will need a ton of equipment to purchase to get there.

So, right now I will have to start slowly and 100% reinvest what I make for this project to get to the $10k-$20k per month mark as fast as I can. My goal will be to get to $20k per month by Dec 2022 and to get there, I will have to put all my effort and resources into this.

Now, my expectations are that my blackhat hustle will get there faster than my SEO Plan. This means that in the first few months, I will be dedicating a lot more time in my SEO Plan than in my hustle, but as I gain more resources from my hustle, I will be able to invest a lot more time and money on it and grow it as much as I can.

To get to $10k a month with the hustle, I need to deploy 20 payloads and for $20k, 40 payloads or so.

My goal is to reach at to at least be able to deploy 20 payloads a month by December 2022 and by Dec 2023 go as far as I can and get to 60 payloads a month and make as much money as I can until it gets patched.

The Plan

The plan is to get these first few months rocking with the SEO Site and build as many articles as I can and just keep working on the blackhat hustle to grow it. I think that by May-June I will be able to do around 80% BH Hustle and 20% SEO Site but let's see how things go.

Also, it's possible that the blackhat hustle can be closed at any time, so I will have to go as hard as I can do to get as much money as I can from this. It's being open for years, but I always found it "too blackhat" and this year 2021 I really wanted to go 100% whitehat, but man the wages and the earnings are shit compared to what I can do if I turn blackhat, PLUS I don't get to harm any innocent individuals, so that's another reason I want to go as hard as I can go to make the most profit.

And, hopefully by the time my blackhat hustle is closed/patched, my SEO Site will be ranking and making big bucks :D Though, I really think the site will go nowhere without me building links, but that's the experiment of this jouney :D

So, stay in touch and come visit this journey from time to time as I plan to update daily this thread with the new articles I write :)
I mean tbh I don't think your have a good plan for the seo part of things, if you are trying first of to be legit and go white hat, you can only go one direction doing both of bh and wh isn't good, cause I think you should focus on one thing, but go for it, still in my opnion should plan more the seo part of things as it has a lot of holes in it doing no backlinks is literally worthless


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Nov 29, 2012
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