(JOURNEY) Saas + Seo = $25K per month


Feb 26, 2024
Hi everyone!

I want to share with you the journey I decided to undertake, publishing successes and failures in this thread. I am an SEO enthusiast, who in the past has developed web projects that have reached the top positions on search engines such as Google.

After selling my previous hosting service, which I had run for 25 years, I decided to look for a new challenge. I have always had a great passion for online entrepreneurship and decided to embark on a new path by trying to create a new business.

On the other hand, I haven't reached retirement yet :)

Over the past few years, I have accumulated knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing and now I am ready to put them into practice in this new project. I am convinced that with the right mix of creativity, commitment and strategy, I can achieve great results and share them with everyone.

So, I invite you to follow me on this journey as I share with you the steps I take, the challenges I encounter, and the successes I hope to achieve. I'm sure it will be a very exciting adventure for me, hoping it will be for you too!


I plan to start a new business based on a SAAS platform, focusing on a specific niche that has high demand from both sellers and buyers. For this, I did some research on Codecanyon for inspiration.

During my research, I found a script that fits my needs almost perfectly. This SAAS script that supports three types of users:

1) An administrator with full control over every aspect, including commission costs;

2) Sellers, who can publish their services;

3) Customers, who can research based on their needs and purchase from their favourite seller.

As an example, imagine you're creating an online marketplace for dog walkers. My goal is to attract traffic to the platform, both by aiming to position the keywords used by dog sitters and those used by dog owners looking for assistance for their animals.

At the moment, I expect to generate 20% profit from this platform. 15% comes from the sale of services, while the remaining 5% is paid by the customer when he/she finalizes the purchase.

Registration on the platform is completely free for sellers and customers, and there will be no constraints imposed on sellers regarding the prices of their services. They will decide the hourly or per-package cost.


To attract targeted visitors (sellers and buyers), I planned to start an online marketing strategy focused on SEO, being perfectly aware of the fact that it is a strategy that gives results in the medium and long term.

My SEO strategy (nothing original) will be based on four main pillars:

  • Optimization of the site structure
  • Producing high-quality content
  • Regular publication of new content (for commercial and educational purposes)
  • Link building
I can independently manage the first three aspects of the strategy thanks to my knowledge while, for the collection of backlinks, greater resources and investments will be required (I have a monthly budget of about $300/400).

SEO will be my main marketing tool to improve the visibility of the site online. However, I do not exclude the possibility of using paid advertising, in particular Google Ads, for integrating SEO strategy.


My financial goal for this project is ambitious: aim to generate $25K in monthly revenue. This corresponds to a personal income of $5K per month. This figure represents my desired income projection, which would allow me to achieve significant financial stability and sustain my standard of living.


As I have seen in many other experience stories on BHW, there are some common motivations and goals. Firstly, I start this journey to keep myself motivated.

The responsibility of regularly updating this thread will push me to work with consistency and dedication. Secondly, I want to engage with those who will have the patience to follow me.

I hope to be an inspiration to anyone who wants to embark on a similar path and I am open to your advice and criticism, as long as it is constructive.

I am convinced that this sharing of experiences and feedback will help me grow and improve my project.


Currently, I have already put together some key elements for my project:
  • I already have a dedicated server ready to host my site (monthly cost around $50).
  • I purchased a domain name that will represent the brand of my platform.
  • I have purchased three books that will help me better understand my niche market and develop quality content for my site.
  • I have conducted preliminary research to identify the most important keywords in my industry, which I will need to optimize my site and attract targeted traffic.
As for the domain name, I registered a domain a few weeks ago. It is not a domain name with strategic keywords in it, but it is a meaningless name.

It's short and easy to remember, this is because I want it to become a real brand.


There are still some things to do to move the project forward:

1 - I am working with the developer of the SAAS platform purchased to add specific features that better suit my market niche. However, due to time zones and language differences, communication does not proceed as quickly as desired.

2 - Since the platform is not yet ready, I decided to proceed with a preliminary version of the site in the form of a blog. This will allow me to start sharing educational content for both sellers and customers, setting the stage for the full launch. Subsequently, I will also focus on keywords with explicit commercial intent to attract an audience interested in the services offered.


I would like to conclude with some considerations:

Since English is not my native language, I will use ChatGPT's assistance to handle this thread. This will help me translate my thoughts accurately and present content in a more organized and clear way.

I can't wait to share with you the progress and successes (at least I hope) of this journey.

A solid plan, and good luck with your journey. I am looking for a similar script. Is there any chance you could share the script's name?
A solid plan, and good luck with your journey. I am looking for a similar script. Is there any chance you could share the script's name?
Thank You bizroach. Obviously not :) but you can find a lot of SAAS scripts here https://codecanyon.net/category/php-scripts?sort=sales&term=saas#content
You are spoiled for choice.
Your English seems quite good if I can say so myself as a non-native speaker, but making sure that everything is conveyed accurately doesn't hurt :D

expect to generate 20% profit from this platform. 15% comes from the sale of services, while the remaining 5% is paid by the customer when he/she finalizes the purchase.
So to clarify, both sellers and buyers can register for free to see the full list of services, etc., but upon selling/buying they pay their respective percentage in commission?

Anyhow, love a well written and structured journey with clear goals and a plan of action, best of luck!
So you basically can buy a premade SaaS template and market it as your own platform?
Yes you can. But if you are asking about white-labeling the template - some allow it and some may not, some may be easier technically to white-label and so forth. Just check before purchasing.
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