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Oct 6, 2020
As my second journey is on the finish line(now earning approx. $300/day autopilot) and I plan to finish in a week or so, I thought if I want to make a new one. Could not decide. Until yesterday. When I decided to give something back to the community.

In the last weeks, I noticed so many people asking how to make money online, how to earn at least 20$ a day.

So I decided to post this thread with my own method I used a year ago and was successful in it. It still generates me money, haha. :)

It's dead simple. Dead easy to gain some cash if you are willing to put your hours in. Few fellow members did not even pay attention to it and mistakenly took it for the well-known youtube comment method which apparently is dead for years. And they called my method dead. What it actually is if we take out all twists I provided in the thread. I guess more money for me then.

This is why I will now add to my journey log a new venture - to earn 1000$/day with a dead youtube method.

Just so I have a reference to send people to when they are crying about dead methods ever again.

So what I will do on this journey?

1. I will post comments on youtube.
2. I will use my own youtube accounts.
3. I will use the method written in detail from here.
4. I will build automation that is scalable and fully on autopilot.
5. I will post my results as transparent as possible

When I will reach my goal, I will invite any respectable member to validate my journey and profitability.

I will not share the exact contents of my comments or the software itself as I obviously want to sustain it in a profitable state for more than a few weeks.

As I still have some work in my daily queue, I expect this to be done in 3 months.

So for the deadline, I will add 1. September 2021.
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What automation tool do you have?
You use old youtube account or new one? They don't ghost your account
What automation tool do you have?
You use old youtube account or new one? They don't ghost your account
I will use only my own tools.

Accounts will be new, I will start to farm them next week and age them for another week or so.
I am going to follow this as the method you posted just today I am a bit skeptical
Ahh. A competition!! :)

Wanna make your own thread perhaps and then we can make this a small race for success?

What do you say?
LOL. Not at all my friend, I am here to learn.

I can name a few tools I plan on using to achieve the automation though:
The Best Spinner (or Spinner Chief whichever gives better results)
WordAI or ArticleForge (again whichever gives the best results)

Now I have go through your other post with a fine toothed comb to learn as much as possible.
I'll keep my questions on that thread and keep this one clean for your journey.
Let's both have success then!
Good stuff, man. It is really cool that you got encouraged despite all the haters. You show 'em ;) Good luck!
EDIT: definitely following the thread!
Will also try to take an action on this topic, see You in main method thread, I'll let you know what I achieved.
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