Journey of making $10.000 before januari 2015 using blogger and no budget.

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    Time to start my journey and you are welcome to follow. Especially from the experienced imers who can give a tip or two. And sometimes a small thing can make a huge difference. So if you recognize something and you can put a better input. Then all the feedback is welcome.

    I will be using recources that are free cause I will build up a budget from scratch.

    Recources: for my blog (later on I will get a domain name and host)
    Affiliate program that I am partnered with as a affiliate.
    Social media exchange for traffic.(why do I use that for traffic? Cause its free and with a couple bots you can earn yourself some nice human traffic.)
    Google, bing for organic traffic.
    Social media accounts to gain authority on the keywords on their Search engines and getting high quality backlinks + bring additional traffic.
    Unique content that attracts visitors and is in same niche as my product.

    Future recources *cost money*
    Buy additional traffic trough smaller networks.
    Domain name + hosting
    Upgrading the blog to a website with services that improve customers satisfaction. First rule in honest business is. You give more in value then what you get in cash And thats where my real succes shall be.

    For my first step I need unique articles that are interesting. I will be using keyword planner to get idea's and estimates to create long tail keywords which I can easy rank for. By creating backlinks trough social media accounts to my pages I will try to index it faster. I will be using bots on social media exchanges to get points and use those to drive traffic to my social media accounts. Gaining authority on places where people spend their all day is a good way to get notticed is my kind of idea. Its free and have only positive benefits except the many bots. That I know how to avoid well the most part of them.

    So this ill be doing.
    Creating minimum 5 articles a day and optimizing pages. I need a nice and rich landing page. So my bouncerate wont be high.
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    $10 or $10000?
    10000 in a year is good, but if you're aiming for 10, then boy are you desperate. :p

    Good luck!