Journey of a portuguese man in Internet Marketing

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    So who am i?
    I live in portugal by the sea, have 30 years old, been a dad 22 months ago, unemployed. Live together with my
    girl and my son, my girl is making all the money, and im kinda looking for a job in the "Real world", finished
    a course on Sound engineering 1 year ago, and have worked in that as a free lancer. But the thing with
    freelancing is that you work 1 month and then you stay at home for about 2 months. And as i dont have much
    experience, i dont win much money in those jobs. my daily routine is: putting my son in the
    sitter then coming home and doing the house chores, cleaning the house and all that, Walking the dog, see if
    there is some surf, doing the meals etc. Last month i joined Blackhat and have been addicted to reading
    threads and all that this site has to offer, at least to a noob, who doesnt understand all the concepts. But
    the truth is that when i have some spare time ( being unemployed that is a lot), i come here to read and
    trying to get ideas to keep my feet on the ground and do something.

    The reason why im doing this thread is not to be spoonfed, but to keep myself on write down my
    objectives and maybe to get some ideas. What ive done so far (which is not much) is : ive created some
    facebook accounts, one adult fanpage, and one surf fanpage and one funny one. Trying to use the method of
    lakimo in which you create a bunch of fake accounts, you grow them to 5000 friends, and then redirect them to
    like the page. I post to groups too to get more process is quite slow, and i want to continue to
    do so, agging the fake accounts..creating more accounts ...and taking my time. getting the feel for facebook,
    and to get more ideas for fanpages.

    With the adult fanpage its very easy to get likes, with the other two not so easy because they are connected
    with one account that doesnt have much friends, at night when my girl is at home i cant connect to my fake
    profiles with hot babes and "work" on them, so i log to my surf and funny pages posting constantly and
    scheduling posts. They have very little likes, but as i said i dont mind growing them slowly. The adult
    fanpage is very nice to work on, during the day of course, and its nice to see the likes, shares and comments
    from from users. Im not using any proxies for the fake accounts, i only clean my chrome history and run
    CCleaner between accounts. I plan on getting some proxies next month when i will have some money to buy the
    proxies and maybe start a site.

    Ive also made some fake accounts on tagged , and have some emails from horny users who liked my profile and
    wanted to be friends. Now i havent logged in to those accounts because facebook has become so addictive, that
    i dont have the time to go there. So i would like to delete the message i have in the profile: "give me your
    mail if you want to become friends" to "Contat me on xxxxx". So this way i dont have to gather all the
    emails manually, and could set some type of autoresponder in my email and redirect them to a CPA offer. Is
    there a simple free autoresponder that could send emails in time intervals, like 30 min after they email me?

    Ive also started with pinterest. Created a female account, donwload pics here in the forum in the women niche
    (could this be called a niche?) , jewelry, hairstyles etc, and am starting to get the hang of things. am doing
    some methods that i have found here, copying popular pins to a blogspot, then pinning them back to my account,
    and that works nice to get visitors. Have created an account in mylikes and have pinned the images from the
    campaigns, getting some clicks on my links. But i need to grow my account to generate some more money. I dont
    really have a question about pinterest now, but when i have the money i think ill buy some bot the ease the
    manual work. :p

    Between downloading images from tumblr and pinterest to put on my fanpages, logging to all my facebook
    accounts, logging to blospot, reading on the forum etc, i spend like 8 hours doing this every day. If you have
    some tip to do this quickly please let me know, if not ill continue do it the same way.
    Ok almost finishing my thread, just have one more question. i see many users in the facebook groups posting
    thing like: if you want to see me online come watch me etc, then they leave a blospot link, ive clicked
    several times to see the how it is designed etc, what i dont understand is where they get the ads (are the ads
    from adsense? is that possible with an adult page?), the webcam sites offers. If anyone could point me out in
    the right direction, i would appreciate it very much. So, this is the end, those of you who have read to the
    end, hope you enjoyed it... If you have any tip, please let me know. Have a nice day all, and good vibes :D
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    Best of luck with your journey OP :) You should check out the pinterest journeys instead using mylikes + pinterest
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    congragiolations, keep on going that looks great.
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    Download bots to scrape images from tumbler and there is a thread in Fb section to get likes for free.
    Please read it out.
    It would be helpful to you.
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    It's nice to see another portuguese trying to succeed on the IM world.
    Best luck with your journey.
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