[Journey] My Push/Pop CPA Journey


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Mar 2, 2022
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Hey everyone,

Just meandered my way out of a real shitshow irl and am finally back in a place where I can start to rebuild.

I saw @Harnur 's journey a few months back and was immediately intrigued/inspired. I am a firm believer in the saying "What one man can do, another man can do" and decided I am going to do this. I'll be tracking my progress here not only for myself but for all the wonderful minds on this site who've shared their knowledge at no cost and inspired me. Maybe this thread can do the same for another eventually.

The plan is to start promoting some CPA offers via push/pop ads and explore some of the revshare programs on these ad platforms. I have a long history in ecom so the learning curve should already be dulled down a bit.

This week I'll be getting signed up for all the necessary tools (tracking, hosting, Anstrex etc) and formulating a general plan of attack. From my experience in ecom I already know I'm about to fail hard initially so I'm going to keep my adspend low and just test the waters for a little while. See what works, see if I can get some conversions, fall on my face for a bit, and learn.

I have time to get grindy again and I'm looking forward to see where this leads :) Stay tuned y'all.
Good luck with your journey. Keep us updated. Will be following you.


Good luck with the journey but.​

What u want to try exactly, what's the plan?
turn a profit on some CPA offers with push/pop ads. I also want to explore Propellerad's revshare program too. I'm sure this journey will lead me to places I never expected so the plan is to test, learn, and stay consistent.
Good luck man you'll surely achieve your goals :)
Hi man
If you didn't get anstrex yet let split the membership cost between us
Update /9/6/23:

I spent a while exploring around AWS and becoming familiar with it. Got my system set up for uploading landpages and today I will be setting up tracking on Bemob. If I get that set up correctly, hopefully I'll be ready to test some ads tonight but if not I surely will tomorrow. Not expecting anything at all but getting 1 conversion would be cool.
Here's an update of the ads I ran today.

It was just a direct link international sweep offer that I was excited to just spend a little money and see what happened. I still have alot of issues to resolve and there haven't been any conversions but I think the CTR is decent for the first ad ever haha. It was fun analyzing all the zones and looking at the data. That was really the main purpose; to start becoming familiar with the platform.

I still have some issues I'm resolving with Bemob and Propush and I'm not really gonna run any serious offers until I resolve them.

But anyways ran some ads just for fun. Felt good. Got my system for rapid-testing offers figured out, just a couple more things to solve and I'll be ready to start really learning here.

I've reached my first obstacle. I got registered with propush and they need me to put their script into my landing page. For some reason even though I know I am doing it right and can see the code implemented when I inspect the webpage, propush is unable to verify its there.

I'm hosting all my landing pages with AWS and I'm not a very technical guy, but I suspect the problem has to do with AWS.

I'll do a little digging and see what I can find but I refuse to even run another test without having propush set up.
any suggestions on what verticals (software, gaming, dating, etc.) perform best with what ad type (pop-up, pop-under, push, etc.) ?
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