[Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

How have you generated nude AI photos? I've not found a platform that allows it through their 'moral code'
Hey Guys,
im new to this forum and i see lot of ambitious people sharing their journey and i thought to share mine as well.( this is the very beginning of my journey)
i know $1000/month is not a big target, but i haven't done anything like this before so i am keeping small target.

i have made a realistic looking Adult AI model and i am in the process of monetizing it. Due to strict verification rules, i am unable to launch her on Onlyfans or any major platform, so currently patreon is the only platform i can use.

Content Part: i am in the process of making 100-150 nude and semi-nude images to post on reddit and around 50 to post on patreon and 50 SFW images for Instagram. i am making tease videos for reddit and for free tier users on my patreon,
i will make tik toks as per the trend and use the same videos for reels and YouTube shorts, currently learning about Ai audio generation for voice overs, i am using stable diffusion to make images and face fusion for deepfaking videos.

Marketing Part: I am focusing on reddit for now, i have joined 10 subreddits, these subreddits doesn't require any verification, i have figured out perfect timing to post on each sub reddit and i will be posting once per day for a week then 2 post/ day and then take it to 3-4post/ day per sub reddit. i will start posting tiktoks, 2 per week then slowly increase the number of posts per week, i have a instagram acount where i posted for one month but i got tier 3 traffic, mainly from turkey, India, Iran. i don't know how to setup my account properly to get traffic from American and European region.

i will also setup bumble account for her. drive them to instagram and then to my patreon.

I am not a twitter user so i am still learning, ways to generate traffic on twitter.
as of now I have 2.8k followers on Instagram, 1 member to my free tier patreon, and 1 follower on twitter/X

I will keep updating my journey often, your suggestions and feedbacks area always welcomed.
Fanvue allows AI models Also I have made deepfake tiktoks that look good will be following this thread DM me and we can network
I'm trying this as well using Fanvue to monetize it, still not great results but I know this will take time anyway
have you trained a LoRa? Can you share a bit more about your training process?
You can use Fanvue for a platform ande asily verify it with face swap + OBS cam
Personalmente non so molto di Reddit o di come usarlo per fare qualcosa del genere. Twitter/X poiché le community sono molto più semplici. potremmo sentirti in DM per scambiarci qualche consiglio, che ne dici?
Hi bro, are you using stable diffusion for a fee? Or is there a way to use it offline for free?
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