[Journey] Lead generation agency with a budget of $10


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Apr 8, 2024
Hello Guys, I have started my journey of gathering leads and selling.
Objective;- Establish a lead generation service agency with minimal initial investment to test business viability within 60 days.
  • Month 1: Find the first client through cold emailing.
  • Month 2: Utilize free trials of lead generation tools to collect leads and provide leads to the client.
  • Secure at least one client within the first month.
  • Utilize free trial tools effectively in the second month.
  • Determine the viability of the business within 60 days.

Buy domain
Make website
Start finding clients

Book first client
Complete order

Tools (I will use free trial tools or cracked softwares)
wordpress, for cold emailing i am using brevo (free tier), Calendy to schedule demo.
For collecting leads i will be using tools depending on clients business
Linkedin Sales Navigator, GMB scraper, Email scraper, Google Dorking

If you have any suggestions for free tools which will help me please free to suggest.

$6 Domain, and shared hostinger hosting from a friend

I have made website today with wordpress, made facebook page and set up pixels for future use. Scraped 290 emails of Social Media Managment Tools Softwares, validated that and i am left with 246.
Good luck OP. Try to use freelance platforms to increase your success. Fiverr and upwork might be saturated but you might find some other freelance platform that has less competition. It's a good strategy that you can use in combination with cold emailing
May I know what are the qualifications? Are you still in need of staff? I want to apply if there are still vacancies.
Sorry Guys for no update but as i had low budget i got involved in other activites like making the first 10$ as i am a student i didnt have that also at the time i created the journey but i discovered linkvertise read some bhw stuffs and made my first money from there.
Now as i have the budget i will continue working on the lead generation business fully and share updates here.
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