JOURNEY: Im Nooby, Just created a website for a clickbank product advice needed.

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Omniscience216, Mar 19, 2014.

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    Mar 4, 2013
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    So a couple days ago I found a thread on BHW promoting Dr. Drum, a clickbank beat maker that I'm guessing is taking the place of DubTurbo in the market place since they opted out of clickbank. So after thinking about stuff over and over again with my dumb ADHD I decided to finally take action with it. I went to hostgator for the first time ever and registered a domain and hosting, I then used a tutorial on youtube to set up wordpress, also for the first time (real nooby here). Here is the result, after copying some content from the affiliate section of Dr. Drum ---> I have some ideas of what to do next to get conversions for my website however I would appreciate any solid suggestions on how to take further action. I'm going to try buying backlinks from fiverr and attempt to do adwords with $100 vouchers also bought from fiverr. Feel free to post your advice below, I will update this thread with my progress as it comes.
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    Any updates on your progress? I just started my journey with Dr. Drum a couple of days ago and I'm interested to see how other people are doing with selling this software.
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    i just looked at you site, looks nice and clean, i guess it will depend on the quality of your traffic, im just giving clickbank a try myself for the first time, day 3 and no sales for me but plenty of them hops, good luck with your journey