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[Journey] How to use eBay´s Cassini search algo to your advantage and make 100€/day.

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Solidflash, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Solidflash

    Solidflash Regular Member

    Jul 7, 2011
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    I've been selling on eBay for about 5 years now. Since eBay uses the new Cassini search engine, everything has changed for eBay sellers. What used to work to rank your listings high, doesn't work anymore. Traffic and sales are way down for many sellers.

    Why is that?
    Cassini wants to give buyers a more targetted shopping experience and presents buyers with listings that best match their search terms. It uses a lot more information to rank a listing than before. Once you understand how Cassini processes information, you can use this knowledge and make it work for you.

    What information does Cassini use to rank a listing? (I got this information from an article on http://www.ecommercebytes.com)
    Cassini uses different algorithms to match a buyer's search term with your product details, the price, the age of your listing, the quality of your item, shipping cost, shipping time, your feedback rating, the number of viable items you have listed, your sell through ratio, your return policy, your compliance with eBay's regulations and so on... Whatever product has the highest score for all these points in that category goes on top and is seen and often purchased first.
    So you have to try and score as high as possible on all of these points!!

    Here are 11 basic rules to follow to rank your items high:

    1) Feedback
    Buyers don't like sellers with negative feedback!
    If you have poor feedback, Cassini lowers the placement of your items. Ditto if you have any open resolution cases or compliance notices. Get cases resolved ASAP! Because Cassini has already lowered the ranking of your items in Best Match.

    2) Free Shipping
    You will sell more items that have the shipping costs built into the price. When you are in that zone, Cassini likes you more and moves you to a higher level in Best Match.

    3) Sales
    Cassini loves sales! So if you have an item that you want to sell for 15€, price it at 20€. Then list it with 25% off! So it still costs only 15€.

    4) Returns
    The longer your return period, the higher your sales will be. A long return period makes a buyer feel comfortable from making a purchase from a seller that they don't know.

    5) Sell Through Ratio
    Keep your prices on the low end to get a good sell through ratio. Cassini will reward you.
    So just sending views to your listings that not generate any sales is a big NO NO!

    6) Don't Use Good Til Cancelled
    New, well priced listings from a reputable seller with high DSR ratings will be automatically placed near the top of the Best Match category for the first day or two and then will slowly move downward as other sellers list their items and they are placed above yours. So end every item every 30 days and then relist them.

    7) Sell Similar
    Your listings contain a coded history that Cassini uses to favor new listings and downplay older ones. To defeat this and make it work for you, when something hasn't sold after 120 days old, just end it and then use the "sell similar" feature which transfers all the product details but not its listing history.

    8) HTML
    Be careful about putting cut-and-paste material from the web in your item description. Sometimes these contain lots of HTML and, if there's too much code, Cassini will bypass it. Then it thinks your item doesn't have a proper product description and moves it right to the bottom of the pile.

    9) RSS Feeds
    Pick a day of the week, and before you go to bed, turn off your RSS feeds. Six or more hours later, turn the feed back on. This forces Cassini to re-index all of your first 100 listings and it will move them higher - for awhile.

    10) Auctions
    If you have all fixed price listings, you should add a few auctions of items that will generate traffic. It will give all of your other items a boost by Cassini.

    11) Activity
    Cassini rewards activity. The more activity you bring, the bigger your boost. So list and re-list items and add more items to sell if you can.

    Now that we know the theory, let's put this in practice! :)
    Let's see what works and what doesn't

    I will use a stealth eBay account that I recently set up to try to list my items as high as possible for certain profitable search terms using the above information to "manipulate" Cassini.
    My objective is to reach a steady 100€/day profit as soon as possible without risking my new eBay stealth account.
    I will sell items that are drop shipped world wide. Items anyone can find at the well known, on-line drop shipping companies
    For obvious reasons I will NOT:
    - tell you what my eBay account is
    - give you a link to my items
    - tell you what products I sell
    - what niche I´m in

    Everything else will be shared.

    Status account day 1:
    Feedback: Pos:14 - Neg:0 - Neu:0
    Items listed: 6
    Items found on first search result page for high traffic keyword: 0
    Items sold today: 1
    Net amount earned today: 11€

    I already got some feedback (14) from some cheap items I sold to be able to raise my limits so I can start listing and selling.
    I listed 6 items that I sell for 25€ - 35€. My profit is about 10€ for each item after all costs (yes, also eBay- and Paypal fees) have been deducted. I don´t use items that have higher prices yet, since I first have to gain some trust by collecting feedback!
    No items were "manipulated" yet.
    By "Items found on first search result page for high traffic keyword" I mean items that I listed that appear on Cassini's "Best Match" search result page, after someone types in a keyword that I know a lot of people are searching for on eBay. I'll go into more detail about this later on in this journey.

    Let the journey begin! :rofl:
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  2. Solidflash

    Solidflash Regular Member

    Jul 7, 2011
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    Status account day 8:

    Feedback: Pos:15 - Neg:0 - Neu:0
    Items listed: 14
    Items found on first search result page for high traffic keyword: 0
    Items sold today: 2
    Net amount earned today: 21€

    I was quite busy with some other things the last few days. I went to the best dance festival in the world (Tomorrowland) for 3 days and I will go again this weekend! :cool: Lucky me haha!
    But I still managed to list 8 new items. I got at least 1 sale every day and gained a few watchers on the items.

    I forgot to mention that I have set up a stealth business account and the items that I list are "until canceled". So I can accumulate sales and watchers to rise in the search results.

    I listed 2 items for a 3 day auction with a fixed price that is 2€ cheaper than the "buy now" price. Of course the "buy now" option is not activated for the auctions. Let´s see if they get sold!

    Not much going on right now, but starting next week I will be listing a lot more items so we can start experimenting a bit with bought watchers and buyers (feedback) from Fiverr. So the items should start getting better results in the Cassini search.

    Have a nice weekend guys! :ciao:
  3. dumbfox

    dumbfox Newbie

    Jul 5, 2012
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    Nice project you have going on here. I sell on e-bay as well - I was planing to start a journey thread but I've not had the time and dedication.

    I was wondering if you could explain in detail, step by step methods used for your stealth accounts for eBay / pay pal.
    Kindly tell us if you access your accounts with VPN, dial up, dongle, etc.

    I have aspkin's latest stealth guides for amazon / eBay, but 90% of it is impractical in most cases and pure filler bullshit I could have figured out myself. The rest of it is locked up umder the membership of his website.
  4. srb888

    srb888 Elite Member

    Jul 30, 2008
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    Sun, Mon, Tue, WTF, Sat!!! :)
    Some of that information hit me like a bundle of bricks! lol. Never knew ebay was using a new SE. Is that true for all ebay sites, even the India one? Because I am depending on the searches on ebay, esp because I am sitting there as a new chap (but with some of the most beautiful products) along with some of the biggest heavyweights in my niche. :)

    Will do some more research on that and find more info. So much of it could be of real use and get a head start as you say! Thanks again, really!
  5. dumbfox

    dumbfox Newbie

    Jul 5, 2012
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    Hit you like a brick... Well there's more. That list of 11 points is very basic. It should be at least 20 serious factors to consider. My guess is OP knows this but will not put out his complete blueprint for trade secret reasons.

    I disagree with some things on the list but that's not relevant here if it gets OP sales.

    I believe Cassini has rolled out in India but there is some (suspected) insider information from ebay saying Cassini is not fully operational worldwide as it was a flop on the front end.