[Journey] From Passion to Impact: Instagram-Growth with Original Content


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Dec 16, 2018
I'm excited to share my journey of growing my Instagram channel from a passion project to a platform that creates a meaningful impact (maybe xD). As I embark on this new adventure, I hope my journey motivates me and you at the same time. Let's see where it takes us!


Recently, my old company closed my department, leaving me with a unique opportunity: three months of paid time off before starting my new job. While I'm mostly focusing on enjoying life and refueling for the next chapter, I also wanted a side project to keep me engaged and committed. I've always been curious about the mechanics of Instagram growth, refining my content creation skills, and experiencing the entire growth process firsthand. Moreover, I'm interested in exploring whether thoughtful, hand-crafted content can still thrive amidst the sea of mass-reposted and quote-based posts on Instagram.

Channel Overview​

My channel is dedicated to providing inspiration, motivation, and practical tips to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs, live more empowered lives, and achieve their highest goals. By sharing my insights and experiences, I hope to create a supportive community that encourages personal growth and fosters meaningful connections.

Goals and Objectives​

Short term​

My aim is to maintain a consistent posting schedule of one post per day, at least one reel per week, and 1-3 active stories 24/7. I'm focusing on attracting highly engaged followers who actively like, comment, and participate in stories by sharing their own inputs. My target is to reach 150 followers within the first month.

Long term​

As for the long-term goals, I'm keeping an open mind. While I'm fully committed to this project for now, I cannot predict the demands of my future job and the priority I'll be able to give the channel. However, if I continue to grow and reach around 600 followers, I plan to address their struggles interactively through stories. This will help me gain a clear understanding of their needs, potentially leading to the development of a tailored product, such as an online course.

Content Strategy​

My content strategy is twofold, encompassing both photographs and reels.


I create black and white illustrations that condense complex thoughts into simple graphics, accompanied by thoughtful captions. Themes are: Dealing with perfectionism, ways to stay disciplined, the impact of our minds on our reality, overcoming limiting beliefs, etc. Overall I strive to create visually appealing and thought-provoking content.

For the posts creation I'm using mostly Adobe Illustrator, sometimes Photoshop, and occasionally a graphic tablet if I want to evoke more of a hand-drawn feeling.


While my posts delve into philosophical and deep topics, my videos put much more emphasis on actionable advice focussing on simplifying coaching, NLP, and hypnosis techniques into short, 60-second explanations. I utilize AI avatars, Elevenlabs for voiceovers, Adobe Premiere for editing, and B-roll footage from stock videos to create engaging and informative reels.

Growth Strategies​

I'm continuously seeking inspiration and ways to improve. I'm open for any recommendations as this is my first Instagram project. Currently, my strategies include:

1. Following and activating notifications for accounts with large followings that align with my content, and being the first to leave detailed, specific comments on their new posts
2. Engaging with every comment left on my profile to foster a sense of community and encourage further interaction
3. Crafting a clear value proposition in my bio to attract like-minded individuals
4. Adding long, detailed captions to every post to help the algorithm identify the topical relevance of my content

Challenges and Solutions​

Growing an Instagram channel for the first time comes with its own set of challenges. To overcome my lack of experience, I'm actively learning from our community here. Additionally, I recognize the importance of understanding my target audience better. To address this, I plan to interact even more with my followers, seeking their feedback and insights to create content that resonates with them.

An early win that keeps me motivated​

An early win that keeps me motivated is the impact my content has had on my followers. After posting my first reel, a follower commented on how the technique I shared helped them just a day later. This feedback reinforces my belief in the potential of my content to make a genuine difference in people's lives.

Metrics and Progress​

I plan to provide weekly updates on my channel's metrics. However, I'm also committed to addressing any questions that arise between updates.

Current metrics (after 8 days):​

- 11 posts
- 1 Reel (4,000 views, 13 likes, 8 comments)

As I embark on this journey of growing my Instagram channel, I'm filled with excitement, curiosity, and a deep desire to create meaningful content that resonates with others. Through a combination of thoughtful posts, engaging reels, and a supportive community, I aim to inspire personal growth and empower individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve their goals.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure. I'm incredibly open to any form of support, inspiration, tips, questions, or input from this community. I believe that growth is a collaborative process, and I value the insights and experiences of others. Feel free to reach out, share your thoughts, and join me on this exciting journey.
I want to see your complete journey. Hope you will update regularly.
All The Best Brother,
Wish You Have A Wonderful Journey.
Good Day.
Thanks, buddy!
I'm sure this journey will be as amazing as it will be full of learnings and milestones to celebrate.
Have a great day too!
Now Instagram is not that popular for automated channels. But if you try to grow a channel with face, it can give good income in my opinion.
Best wishes for the journey


Now Instagram is not that popular for automated channels. But if you try to grow a channel with face, it can give good income in my opinion.

I'm not sure if I understand correctly what you mean with automated channels because nothing on my channel is automated.

Currently I'm focused 100% on the value of the content.

But I've also thought about introducing myself with face as soon as the following grows and get's interested who's actually behind the content.
Hey guys, as promised 7 days ago, I'm here with my weekly metrics update

Days since I started: 14 (+7)
Followers: 90 (+47)
Posts: 17 (+6)*
Reels: 2 (+1)

* archived one bad performing post later on
- received 2 DM's from people genuinely complimenting my content without any sales pitch which really motivates me to keep going
- at 76 likes per post on average (of which ~80% are non-followers) I'm getting much better organic reach than I'd expected
- ~2 comments per post where people actually share something personal which isn't directly a metric for me but shows me that real connections evolve

So far for the weekly metrics guys.

Thank you for everybody following this journey so far!

And as always I happily answer any questions and always appreciate any input!
Good luck, following


What tools do you use for content?

For the Reels I mostly use After Effects or Premiere and Blender. If the video has a voice over I use elevenlabs for that.

For the Posts I'm using Adobe Illustrator most of the time. Sometimes Canva if it's very simple, sometimes Photoshop and in some cases a graphic tablet if I want to evoke more of a hand-drawn look
nice ! I am going to do organic yt shorts growth ... with my own voice by recording from phone ..currently i am taking notes from ppl doing same gonna follow your journey
Another Saturday, another update! I'm here with my weekly metrics:

Days since I started: 21 (+7)
Followers: 154 (+64)
Posts: 22 (+5)
Reels: 5 (+3)

This means I reached my follower target a week earlier than planned (yay)!

- ~40 people (25%) watching every single story I post
- every post receiving custom written compliments motivates me as it shows that people care
- last reels reaching ~53 non-followers which is a bit less than expected so I'll learn more about getting higher organic reach from reels

So far for the weekly metrics guys.

Thank you for everybody following this journey so far!

And as always I happily answer any questions and always appreciate any input!
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