[Journey] From Online Trading to starting an Amazon Niche website

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    Hey guys, this is my first journey thread. A little background about me. I am a Civil engineer in India. They pay shit to engineers in India and I will finally leave the job after I become more independent.

    My Daily Routine: So guys I make some money by doing Stock Trading in India (which is part time as I have a day job). You guys may be thinking how I do trading if I have a day job. The answer is the market opens at 9.15am (IST) and so I place a bet around 9.20am and if I able to get around 10 to 15$ I exit the trade and if I am at loss I usually wait and watch and book a loss at around 3.00pm (before the stock market closes). Most of the times I make a profit of 10 to 15$ within first 15 minutes of my trade.

    My Plan: I have to collect the money which I am trading and start an amazon niche website. The money which I will be earning will go to articles buying (because my English sucks and I am a little bit of lazy). You can ask your questions in this thread or you can PM me. I will try to answer as much as possible.

    Investment: My total investment is around 464$. I will share the screenshot daily weather I am loosing and earning. The earnings which is shown in the below image is in INR. These earnings are of last Friday. The markets are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


    Fridays Income: 19.43$

    Total Income (June): 52.58$