[Journey] From College Zero to College Hero Making an Authority Site from Scratch

Thanks everyone for keeping me motivated and I am glad a lot of you are enjoying my thread. If there is anything I am not posting that you wish I was please let me know. I'm not only doing this for myself but you guys as well.

If anyone is looking for a wordpress plugin that allows users to share your posts/website check this out its absolutely awesome!


(Not affiliated in any way, just enjoy their plugin)
too soon to place adsense bro, take it from me.
try something simpler like infolinks
adsense will hit u hard, actually that made me quit IM for several months.
it doesn't matter if your website is legit or not, if u don't have huge amount of traffic,they will ban u.
it is just a word of caution, and good luck on your journey op

I didn't even know you could get banned for not bringing enough traffic...Crazy
I got some free Adwords credits too but I was banned from Adsense some time ago for reasons I had no control over. (I was using Adsense on my Triond articles and suddenly Google didn't like Trionds network or sites so a lot of linked Adsense accounts got banned.) I'm wondering if I'll get banned from Adwords too as I still have the same home address and ip?

Also, OP, I really wish you could avoid purchasing any software as all journey threads end up there. I was hoping you'd be able to find a cheaper way to do SEO. :)
Good luck with your journey. Classic traffic from Search Engines always has been the best.
Just wanted to let everyone know I will be posting my next update tonight which will include my linkbuilding strategy. Also please dont pm for help. Im more than happy to answer your questions on this thread or you can add me to skype and I am more than happy to help you there. My pm box has exploded lol
Building Backlinks Part 1

What Is A Backlink:

The most common analogy of a link is to compare it to a vote. If page A links to page B then page A is suggesting page B is a good page, page A likes page B. The only slight complication is the nofollow tag. In a nutshell the nofollow tag allows links to be added to a page that create a click-able link to another page without the link passing a vote. These are used for text link adverts for example where they will send traffic to another page without passing a vote.

I'm not going to go into any more detail on the nofollow tag here but I'd advise reading the Wiki Page for an in depth explanation. In short if you want to link from a page on your site to a page on another site without inferring any kind of endorsement use the nofollow tag.

Why Are Links Important:

Having established links are like votes it's not too hard to understand why links are important. Just like a politician wins an election by securing more votes than other candidates, web pages secure the first position in a search result by securing more votes than other pages. However, unlike a political election where all votes are equal, where search engines are concerned this isn't the case, and this is where most of the confusion arises.

All Links Are Not The Same:

In order to explain this further I'm going to stick with the voting analogy and expand on it. When thinking about links as votes it's useful to consider the term block vote or block voting. Most commonly associated with unions a block vote infers upon one person the voting rights of all members of an organization. Let's say there are 4 people in a room each representing one group of people.

  • Mr Smith represents a group of 1000 people
  • Mr Jones represents a group of 1500 people
  • Ms Samson represents a group of 2000 people
  • Mrs Collins represents a group of 5000 people
A proposal is put before the group and Mr Smith, Mr Jones and Ms Samson all vote in favor with Mrs Collins voting against. On the face of it that's 3 in favor 1 against and the proposal would be carried. However, Mrs Collins represents a group of 5000 people, 500 more than the number represented by Mr Smith, Mr Jones and Ms Samson so in fact, the motion isn't carried, it's defeated by 5000 votes to 4500.

Hey Mate, It's all good copy and pasting someone else's guide to backlinking, just credit it at least at the bottom! (http://www.redevolution.com/seo-link-building-techniques)
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Hey Mate, It's all good copy and pasting someone else's guide to backlinking, just credit it at least at the bottom! (http://www.redevolution.com/seo-link-building-techniques)

Hey mate way to be completly ignorant! If you would quit trying to troll people and actually read my posts you would notice where I stated some of these tips are from other forums that I saved in a notepad a while back because at the time I didnt plan on sharing them they were for my own benefit. Because of this I didnt save the website I got them from but would share them here anyway so other people could also benefit from them
Update 10

Finally here comes the backlink building!

Now I am going to be promoting two blog posts on my site to get a feel for what works and what does not! I am also going to promote one post using a service here on BHW and on the other I am going to be building backlinks manually!

Blog Post 1) I am going after 3 main keywords and am using http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...nks-designed-get-you-ranked-free-reviews.html

Blog Post 2) I will be going after 1 main keyword as I will be doing all work manually.
Week 1 - I plan on doing 5 High PR Guests posts on blogs and link back to my site using an anchor.

I will continue to post content on my website at a rate of 1 article per 3 days but I am going to be stepping up my content on my freebie tab hopefully add an extra 20 entries by the end of this week!

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One last thing is I am also using yahoo answers to drive traffic to my site by putting my site as the source related to my niche.
Here is some good news I am finally starting to get some traffic mainly from yahoo answers though. I was also able to find a keyword for my next blog post that is getting around 2000 Monthly searches with only 47 results that even come up in google. This is going to be a great keyword to easily rank and get some traffic.
Have been watching this thread for awhile now... just thought I would say you're doing great, and I am learning a ton from following it.
Authority sites seem to be the way to go (thinking that's where I will start anyways).
What are your thoughts about outsourcing content?
Have been watching this thread for awhile now... just thought I would say you're doing great, and I am learning a ton from following it.
Authority sites seem to be the way to go (thinking that's where I will start anyways).
What are your thoughts about outsourcing content?

Heres some things about authority sites. Very difficult to get started making money when you could just jump into Youtube and Sharecash and start making money by the end of the week. I think out sourcing content is a great thing as long as you can find someone who is reliable and produces quality content that is not copy and pasted from another article.
Just wanted to update everyone. A few things have changed as I am selling my website and throwing away this journey. I apologize for those following along. I have decided to sell my website and persue a JV I have been offered and am also starting an offline business where my income will be greater. I apologize but the offers were to good to pass up.

Im back, I know I said I was selling my site but the buyer ended up backing out on me so over the last two months I have continued to post articles, I now have over 30. I am getting around 10 unique visitors a day and also earned $4 on adsense last month and now $9 on adsense this month. Still haven't done any link building besides one service I bought. Not really sure what to do now.
Well I sent out a few emails to website owners asking if i could write them an article for their website in place of a link pointing to my site in the article.
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