[Journey] Fresh Domain, No Link Building, Just Content

For whatever result you get, backlinks would make it better.

It's advisable you start getting some links via free guest posts on other sites.

When your contents and these links settled and age, you'll reap the benefits.

I will do links when I've reached a certain amount of content. I want to just focus on that for now and see what happens. As little distractions as possible :D

Triple or quadruple the amount of content.


That's the plan mate.
How much time do you spend to write an article if you will to share?

Missed this one. I would say between 1 and 3 hours including adding images and ensuring the formatting is all correct. This is based on a post between 1000 and 2000 words.

Update #4

Quick update with this one, happy with my progress so far.


2 more posts added since my last update. One of them is rather short but the organic results are similar and it's a simple question / answer type post.

update #4.jpg


Really motivating to see everything still moving positively.

UPDATE #4.jpg


Super excited to keep going with this journey and hope your enjoying following me so far! Early days yet but focused on creating quality content for now.

Still no links built, not planning on it anywhere in the near future.
Best of luck mate, like yourself I started and then stopped, only to start back up a few months later.

Keep focusing on those small wins such as the impressions starting to climb up.

I'll be following along!

Update #5

Here's my next update a week on.


Another 2 posts added bringing my total to 15.

UPDATE #5.jpg


Looking positive again, slowly and surely increasing.

UPDATE #5.jpg


Still feeling motivated to get content written and posted every week so will continue pushing.

Might have been early but I applied to adsense about a month ago and got rejected (I read on a post here that first time is an easy rejection) so added more content and then tried again.

It looked positive as it was sat as 'getting site ready' for around a week and then it got rejected again. I have a feeling it may have been due to me not having a cookie banner (not sure if this is required) so I have added that but I'm going to wait some more time before I try again.
Good luck with your journey. Planning on starting my own too. Just wanted to ask: do you follow a somekind of article writing template or you just write as you go?
Good luck with your journey. Planning on starting my own too. Just wanted to ask: do you follow a somekind of article writing template or you just write as you go?

Start now :D

I write in whatever style lends itself best to the keyword if that makes sense?
Good luck, i used KGR method myself for my blog but with google getting better at search intent, i dont think it really matters anymore if you get 0 results with allintitle
so do you think op will need to build links and not only content?
Thanks for this. I'm a newbie, on the fringes of the IM world... I've yet to find a method that I think really meshes with my personality, and my interests. I don't want to struggle to keep working on something I'm not interested in... I want my IM efforts to be as enjoyable as possible for me, while I am a newbie and not yet making anything from IM.

But this method appeals to me, as I can really write about whatever I want, within reason.

Question on monetization... I see you've applied to Adsense. At what point will you be installing Adsense and beginning to try to monetize? I've heard you should wait for a site to age and stabilize before monetizing. It looks like you've been working on this site since at least October. Is that long enough? 4 months is not a bad wait time to me! Or is it based more on where your traffic is at and how much content you've written so far?

It seems to me this method could pair well with affiliate marketing, especially if you are targeting longtail keywords for users that are already ready to buy. Maybe Amazon Affiliates, or another program? Although perhaps this requires more upkeep... products change regularly, requiring you to always have new articles with new links periodically, whereas Adsense is kind of more hands-off approach? Would you agree?

Which brings me to a third thought (sorry to bother you with these, you've already shared so much), if one were to go the affiliate marketing route, what percentage of your articles would contain affiliate links? I'm assuming you don't just spam affiliate links everywhere... have to be tactful. Is there a good write-up somewhere with some of the finer details like this on affiliate marketing blogs? So you don't have to regurgitate what is already out there.

And finally, what website platform is best for SEO? I have a strong development background, and I've made custom websites with PHP and Bootstrap templates before. I tend to dislike Wordpress, due to the security aspects (large attack surface for hackers), but I've heard it's a favorite for some due to how easy it is to just crank out content and format things nicely.

Feel free to tell me to F off and use the search feature. You just seem very knowledgeable in this area. haha.

Best regards and good luck on your journey mate. I'll be following along and possibly starting my own first attempt here soon.
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