Journey - Free Tipster Low Budget to Riches


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Jul 5, 2011
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Hello guys,

I have been lurking around the forum for quite some time now and decided to really give something back to the community since you guys gave me so much for free.

I will be sharing my tips for free and and sharing screenshots and everything so you could not only make money but learn aswell, the betting business is a really dark place and you can loose allot of money if you dont know what you are doing, so i will guide you trough my decisions and explaining everyhing along the way.

Types of betting :

- Punting : you place a bet and wait till the game ends and get your profit or losses
- Trading : You trade against other people like in the stockmarket and can get in and out of the market at any time, although very appealing is a trap for newbies.
- Arbitrage : You check the prices of the "odds" of different websites and make money with the difference, although a very advance concept it poses almost no risk, although the percentage of winning is very reduced 3% to 5% and it can be to 12% although its very rare nowadays.

The tipster service i am offering for free is regarding to punting, but i will guide you along the way as your bankrolls grow, my method is not 100% foolproof but it can make to up 500% of the stake invested per week, with more than 85% accuracy.

What do you need to start?
  1. A sports bet account that will allow you to bet multiple bets
  2. An excell spreadsheet to input your bets so you can your ROI and other gains by week,day and month ( ill be attaching an excell spreadsheet here)
  3. Starting money of 50$, it can be lower although its a pretty good bankroll to accomodate any loss you might have.
My markets :
I am specialized in corner analyzis and soccer games.

This will be a Journal to motivate me and help you guys make some money along the way, admins if this is not the right spot to put this let me know. I will not be advertising any service or betting house.

I will be updating this soon since some leagues are still in the beggining, let me know if you need any help starting.