[Journey]Domain .info are like other domains... This is my journey for you

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    Hi guys,
    Today I entered in my godaddy account and I seen that some months ago I brought a .info domain but I never used it.
    So I decided to try to rank it.
    First of all these are all the info about the keyword and the domain.
    I checked if the .com is registered and here the result:
    Happy to see that the .com is a premium domain :D but I have the .info and some people say that not the same...
    ....so lets start.
    The domain that I have is an EMD and here the adwords suggestion about the keyword:
    the first is the Broad and the second is the Exact

    Here Market Samurai analysis
    [​IMG]You can see that 1 and 2 place are from .gov sites, 3 and 4 from two old age domain related to this niche. 5 place the wikipedia page. After a another gov site a youtube video but also a cnn page and an .edu site.
    Not very easy but just check the real competitors:
    keyword : About 393,000 results
    "keyword" : About 342,000 results
    intitle:"keyword" : About 5,300 results
    inurl:"keyword" : About 3,280 results
    intitle:"keyword" inurl:"keyword" : About 2,810 results

    Now I set the dns. While waiting the update of them I will search for a wordpress theme.
    Hope to see a lot of followers for this journey :D