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[Journey] Creating a Brand and Successful E-Commerce Business

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by everythingred, May 2, 2016.

  1. everythingred

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    Jul 21, 2010
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    So lately I've been re-evaluating what I'm doing with my online ventures and found that I was spreading myself too thin and hurting my profits. So what I've done is that I have sold off a majority of my websites or given away some free. I am keeping 3 Amazon Associates sites that I feel have a lot of potential and are ranking on their own without any work done. I will invest money into them once this project is running smoothly. I also have local clients that I do websites and local SEO for so it's just side income, I'm not actively looking for anyone anymore.

    What I will be doing on this journey is creating a brand, as opposed to just being another reseller. I will do this by opening up an e-commerce store and finding appropriate suppliers. Some stuff will be shipped by us but first we will be dropshipping. We have arranged with supplier not to ship their information and to put our logo on some of the products. My business partner will be going into stores and putting our products there up for display, selling to the stores, and posting on classified websites to get some local sales before we appear in the search engine results.

    What I've Done so Far

    - Found suppliers for the products we want to sell and asked every question possible.
    - Built an insane Excel file that list products in their categories, supplier, back up supplier, what they charge us, what we list it for, our shipping, profit.
    - Registered corporation federally and signed up for every provincial tax system necessary in Canada so we can be law abiding in every way
    - Got a bank account and corporate credit card to buy the merchandise
    - Did extensive keyword research with the help of keywordshitter.com & keywordrevealer.com
    - Registered the domain, installed WordPress and Woocommerce, as well as all plugins necessary
    - Created emails (info, support, classifieds, social, wholesale)
    - Created a login for wholesalers to have their exclusive prices shown and not shown to the general public
    - Installed SSL certificate, GoDaddy was selling them for $5 which is a sweet deal for a starter site
    - Created a front page that was inviting, with products displayed, but added 600 words of content on the bottom in order to get some keywords in there as well as do proper internal linking and silo structure
    - Added 125 products and counting (please kill me now)
    - Resized all pictures to 350px x 350px using picresizer.com and then compressed them using optimizilla.com
    - Linked products through cross-sell in order to try to get more sales (complete the set)
    - Wrote unique descriptions in each category so as to attract Google through on-page SEO and link to those categories
    - Registered all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube)
    - Registered as a seller on eBay and Amazon in order to acquire extra customers that would normally go there right away versus looking for products on Google. Also dropshipping some stuff from Amazon to eBay and AliExpress to eBay.
    - Some early link building (i.e. expired Web 2.0's and PBN) that I'll explain below


    WordPress Plugins Installed

    - EWWW Image Optimizer (gets you that extra optimization, speed is key)
    - iThemes Security (I find it to be better than WordFence)
    - Menu Icons
    - Ninja Forms
    - Product Country Restrictions (not all products available in each country, depending on the supplier, but goal is to have this solved soon)
    - Really Simple SSL
    - Reduce Bounce Rate (for Analytics)
    - Regenerate Thumbnails
    - Sitelinks Search Box (looks professional in search results but it won't work with every site, hoping it will with mine once I hit #1 rankings)
    - WooCommerce
    - WooCommerce Product Price Based on Countries (helps with currency conversion rate or if I want to enter manual price for specific products)
    - WooCommerce Role Based Price (this is for wholesalers)
    - WP Live Chat Support
    - WP Rocket (it destroys WP Super Cache and is the best options for e-commerce sites)
    - WP Optimize (once site is done I'll remove this)
    - YITH Ajax Search
    - Yoast SEO

    It's a lot of freaking plugins but each one serve's its purposes. I'm moving my hosting right now to TrafficPlanetHosting as they're insanely fast for my other sites. This was something I had paid for before this journey so it's not really an expense until renewal.

    Where I Am Right Now


    This site is about a month old and this is currently how it sits.


    So far what I've done to get these rankings is to make sure that my keywords were well researched, I have no time to go after keywords that have insane competition. Bunnyrank doesn't do monthly search numbers properly, but I already know the numbers from Google's Keyword Planner and it's all saved in Excel. Next, on-page SEO is a must. Learn the pillar system and silo system and it'll be much easier to get rankings like this right off the bat.

    As for linkbuilding, I registered expired Tumblrs, Weeblys and Webnodes with high PA and MozRank (these numbers can be manipulated but its better than a PA1 page). So far I've targeted my homepage and 5 keywords. It's getting a bit repetitive to do everything manually but it's a cost saver in the beginning until I rank the first keywords to get income rolling in.

    Each of my categories also has content written on them so I get that extra Google juice from on-page SEO. If you're not doing this, you're missing out on some big rankings. Google much prefers my short 100 word blurb over just products being displayed. Also I made sure that I did entered unique meta data on every category and subcategory using Yoast SEO.

    I'll keep building Web 2.0's, then building 301 Redirects to them then spam using this guide, http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...ch-engine-optimization-guide-dolla-dream.html

    As for Private Blog Networks, I sold one of my websites and I'm switching over those 8 domains to point at this website. Spread those 8 domains across 3 different hosts and getting them onto CloudFlare to change their IPs. This is just a cost-effective solution in the beginning as there's a lot of money required for other things at the moment.
    I've done some niche related blog comments and have contacted some websites for guest posting opportunities and they're waiting for me to send them articles. After that I'll build a bigger PBN once the profits start rolling in.

    There are some keywords that will be perfect for a bit of PPC campaigns on Adsense and Bing, while the rankings build so I'll get that done once we've got some money sitting in the account.

    I will also sign up on forums and actively browse Twitter for people mentioning the terms and offering them a 10% coupon code. Also using TMB v3 FREE to follow some users who follow popular companies in my niche. Populating my Twitter timeline using IFTTT.com to get pictures from subreddits and specific Instagram hashtags. For all other social media campaigns, going to use IFTTT.com so as to save me the headache, as well.
    YouTube videos will probably come around at the end of May when I'm back from my vacation and we'll be contacting YouTubers to review our products.
    Just got Pinbot v3 so I'm going to try it on some of my other website's first to see how effective it is and then put it to use here.

    In the meantime, I've posted products on eBay to sell but I've got PayPal limits and holds on the account for now so it'll take time to build since it's a new corporate account. Everyone who buys from us on eBay will get a message offering them a 10% coupon code on our site for future use in order to keep bringing them back to us.

    Also going to post some products that aren't on Amazon onto their website but we want to test the product first. Also might send some things from AliExpress to Amazon's warehouse so they can distribute it and offer Prime shipping, but this is just a thought right now.


    This will actually be really hard to measure as there are so many moving parts and money will be moving in and out of the account. I'll do my best to show profits and sales.

    End of April 2016 Profits:

    eBay: $65.58
    Amazon: $0
    Website Sales: $0
    Local Sales: $0

    eBay sales would have been more but the limits prevented it and I needed to see which product really caught on with the eBay crowd. Now I can just post that product. I've also found the source so the profits will be even bigger for future sales. And this was only US users, now able to ship them worldwide which will attract more customers.

    Local sales will be added to May because I literally just got them today so I'm going to meet with people from classifieds who have wanted to buy them.

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  2. nikalai32

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    May 3, 2016
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    good luck
  3. kimiroger

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    Aug 31, 2013
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    Thanks for the nice detailed information. Which ecom theme are you having on your site?
  4. everythingred

    everythingred Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jul 21, 2010
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    The Retailer. You can find it on BHW.
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  5. strawberries

    strawberries Newbie

    Apr 13, 2016
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    Good luck!

    Just a side note, Godaddy is notoriously evil and bad. You can get a free SSL certificate for your site through 'Let's Encrypt'. It also lets you install it through cpanel and it's super easy to set up.
  6. everythingred

    everythingred Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jul 21, 2010
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    I can get a free SSL certificate with my current host but I got the GoDaddy one before with a different host. Thank you for your recommendation though.
  7. blankstar

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    Apr 21, 2017
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    Just came across this would of loved to hear what happened