[JOURNEY] Changing my life in 6 months becoming an Entrepreneur


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Jul 4, 2018
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some video topics are for example "Why you should do a social media detox" How to heal your gut" and 10 habits that can change your life" as you can see the topics are pretty different.My projects hasn t changed: open a paid group where peope will learn about topics like:Training,biohacking,spirituality,money management,personal growth,returning to nature and many more

i am working on this brand in every social media i can:
  • tiktok (really bad for now ,only 3 videos uploaded and like 10 views)
  • instagram 2 accounts,bbut i am using only one of them basically because it was one of my old accounts with 12k followers (some social proof) thanks to jarvee the posting is all scheduled basically and i have some interactions every day,example: posted 14 times in the last 7 days,i have 1 post with 700 likes and a video with 1500 views,but on average i get 120 likes per post
  • youtube as i said is pretty slow but i am not worried
as this thread has been created mainly for accountability i am starting to do lifting more consistently,happy with my body now but i want to keep add muscle,so i am also following a diet.3 times per week wheight lifting and 1 boxing

If you read till this far i thanks you,we keep going here!