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    Hello everyone.
    This is my first serious journey that I make and I wanted to be sure to get every advice I can, in order to learn as much as possible.

    First of all I will resume my skills at this moment:
    • Really low IM knowledge
    • Low IG knowledge
    • Money: 50 $ a month to spend
    • Good programming skills
    Let's resume the method I will use:
    • OBJECTIVE: creating accounts with at least 100k followers.
    • TOOLS: Massplanner, VPS, images found on the internet.
    • MONETIZATION: selling shoutouts or selling the accounts directly.
    • EXPECTATION: it is a very long-term method I think; I'm not going to see money soon.
    • NICHES: I'm going for niches that has a lot of content for me to take. So I will just head over google, search for good images and then decide if the niche is good or not. (Tell me if it is OK).
    And now, lets resume what I've done so far.

    I will post account information in this format:.
    Account Nickname - Age - N° of Followers - Amount of Followers per day - Posts per day

    Let's start:
    Quotes - 1 week - 1302 - +95 - 2/3

    Aliexpresser - 1 month - 2555 - +70 - 0

    Aliexpresser was the first that i've created. I wanted to try the Dropshipping method in IG. Had only 1 sale, but it was organic. However it looks like I'm doing something wrong. Massplanner is running also for it but I think i will not focus on it for this journey.

    Quotes is the very first account built with the intention of selling shoutouts. I post quality content and very frequently. It has a very good engage too : about 100likes and 2-4 comments per post. I think however that I can do better. For this reason I would like to know more about hashtags.

    Now I'm going to create another account. Like Quotes, I will try to post quality content.

    The journey will be updated every 2 days!

    Now before I greet you for this day I would like to ask a few questions:

    1. Can I repost in IG tumblr photos? Or i'm doing something illegal?
    2. How many hashtags should I use per post?
    3. Do you know any interesting tool to search for hashtags?
    4. Are there any tool to know when it is the best time to post?
    5. Considering the 50bucks budget: are there any other ways I can invest these money to reach my objective?
    If you have any other advices, thank you!
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    Good luck on your journey mate.