[Journey]Amazon Publisher - AutoPilot to Big Buck$ [Journal]

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    Okay. so this is probably my 3rd journey here on BHW. Lets me give you some insight on the other two before I move on.

    1. Youtube+Cpa- I made some pretty good money and for those saying this niche is saturated is too damn lazy to do it themselves. I did'nt work really hard here, but I made about $600.00 in about 3 months. Literally took me a couple of hours within the first couple of days and did'nt do nonthing but recieve money.-PM me for Fileice referal if you want.

    2. Amazon Associates- I don't want to disclose too much information, since I keep in touch with the OP but this method works. I make about 2k/month from it. This method requires alot of work, but was worth it for me. LIKE I SAID BEFORE, I WILL NOT DISCLOSE THIS METHOD

    And now on to this new method, which I was also playing around with for the past couple of months. Where you get your books from is your deal. Alot of people respin books and other's create their own. Just make sure to target 1 niche per 50 books. Or if your a romance or fantasy writer, then create whatever you like. I 've also have a account on Pubit, which is nook's version, but I've made like 20 bucks last month and so far 5 bucks this month(nonthing really). setting up the books is a bit of a pain and definetly time consuming, but the thing you have to realize is that, book is going to make you money over and over again. I will not reveal any information about my author name or anything. There are alot of methods on BHW that will help you make money on Amazon publisher. I busted my butt, the first month and made a nice amount of cash.

    I will start-off with Today and post my total books sales from my account on amazon. All my book prices are $2.99 each, but I might be increasing the prices to about $9 each which will give me about $6 per book sale. If you guys have any and all questions, pm them below.

    Below is my total book sales from the begining of this month to now. Everytime I post, I will be increasing that number, so don't think I am selling over 100 books a day....yet :)
    Day 1 - 135 Book sales

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