[Journey] AI + Medium ( Affiliate Marketing )

Why are you posting so much articles? Are these always different kind of keywords or same niches?
I mean it is not necessary to get niche authority.
So, your articles get indexed automatically right you don't create backlinks for them.
are you allowed to direct link to amazon on medium? i know on reddit you can not

I understood the same but only because read on BHW (couldn’t find any info on Amazon itself). Looking at the screenshots in this thread, looks like you can :)

OP - good effort and good luck!
i did find a lot of direct links to amazon. you can find those with google search site:medium.com "amzn.to" + keyword
I think you just need to add your medium profile page to amazon settings. As i have own domain i route links thru my website that also enables me to track clicks little better.
I strongly suggest focusing on the quality of the article rather than quantity.

Following your journey, I hope you won't give up, like 99% do ;-)
All The Best For Your journey. Hope You Will Success On Affiliate Marketing. Keep Up with The Good Work.
It's refreshing to see someone start with something that beginners could actually try with effort and dedication. Good luck!
If you want to team up hmu, we could expand to Spanish and German in high quality, my studies focus on high quality writing so it could translate well.
All the best!
Thanks a lot guys !

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So far did lot of research past few hours,found around 35 articles, just created and published 10 articles on 1 accounts
Keywords are mixed with books, amazon products, affiliate marketing clickbank product
As long as there is one keyword with good monthly searches / low compt i will try to fill that gap with AI and scale
For now i plan to just publish around 10 per day on this single account , once i start seeing some extra clicks leads/sales i will start to expand as much as i can
Also there is another option which is create custom ebook for specific keywords , i have already created my own ebook generator in case
First step will be getting some clicks and $ on non-book niche
How many articles have you posted so far? How about Amazon clicks and sales? If Amazon affiliate in this way, is there any chance of suspend Amazon account?
I decided to start testing it out, i published around 15 books reviews ( well researched ) and got around 45 views on Medium.com , 15 clicks and 2 leads on amazon audible product ( in few weeks )

I see huge potential in this one, my goal is to scale this process massivly
I will mainly do Affiliate Marketing with clickbank products and also normal amazon products affiliate marketing
The process will be a quality one

I will find low competition keywords using semrush and create good articles promoting these exact products
I don't see book reviews as scalable niche, especially promoting already well known service like audible
I will start by creating 3 accounts ( general niche ) and start doing this activly 10+ hours per day myself

The process will always be the same, find a good keywords with enough searches and easy to rank that matches the product/service i'm going to promote
I will try to repeat that process over and over
For articles i will just use GPT4
Following to see how this goes, interesting method
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