[Journey] Adult Tube 30$/Day

Are you sure about the update?
Yes. March 2024 core update is ongoing.

Wait for it and it was said there would be another update in May (I didn't find the official notice).

Yes. All watermarked. Over 20K. Retrotube.
Thank you very much. :)

What's the easiest way you have used for water mark your videos?

I have a tip for you. about video uniqueness. I'll send it to inbox.
Thank you very much. :)

What's the easiest way you have used for water mark your videos?

I have a tip for you. about video uniqueness. I'll send it to inbox.
Its done automatically on the server. I host my own videos.
First time making a journey it’s for an adult tube. The site is up for roughly 3 months now. Fresh domain with a cool brand name.

What I have done so far:
- Set up the website with a good theme, so the website looks good. It's not like a shitty tube.
- Uploaded around 250 videos so far. All of them are hand-picked with good thumbnails, previews etc. Videos are hosted on Bunny CDN, most of them are high-quality videos not easy to find on big tubes. They all have watermarks.
- Worked on SEO a lot. I started with 0 experience so it could have been much better, but I'm still pretty happy with the results.
- Ranked on the first page for some good keywords, so the traffic is coming from google.

42$ for the theme, hosting, and domain for a year.

Bunny Streaming: $67.53 for September (22 days)
as the traffic increases costs go up too.

Where the traffic comes from:
- In the first months I promoted on reddit with the videos from the website.
- Used Redgifs.
- Right now I am doing 0 promotion, the traffic comes from google anyways. Only organic no paid traffic.

Stats for daily new users:

View attachment 226330
Right now 250K new users with 850K views in the last 28 days.

Top 10 countries visit count last 30 days:
View attachment 226331


So, this is the biggest issue for me atm. I am using 3 different Ad Networks. I don't think I figured out how to optimize the ads and which ad networks to use yet.
(I can not use Crakrevenue, and ClickAdu only pays like 0.01$ CPM for banners and their popads are annoying)

View attachment 226333
I don't know what happened today with the 0.001$ CPM. I had spammy redirects on AdsTerra ads, and I told them yesterday night. They fixed the issue, but this is my new CPM now lol. I hope it is not always like this from now on.

For two days I tried out if lospollos smartlink would convert better than popcash, It does not. 4$ in 2 days on lospollos.
View attachment 226334


View attachment 226335

So currently making around 10$/day with this traffic.
If you have any suggestions on which ad networks to use or what I could do to make money it would be great.

What to do next:
- Figure out an optimal way to make money. Which ad networks to use, which ad formats etc.
- Site needs link building, I didn't do any link building, except for reddit promotion links and redgifs profile link.
- Adding more content to the website.
- Wait

I believe it is possible to reach 30$/day with this website.
Good Luck, maybe gonna try this method
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