Aug 26, 2012
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Hi There,

Hope everyone is safe in this unprecedented time.

I had joined BHW in 2012 and from that time until now, I have not been able to achieve success in the world of IM. Made a few $1000's here and there.

This is due to many reasons - Majorly, I did not dedicate time and I was always focused on adult niche. I do not know why but, Adult industry has always fascinated me.

2013 - 2014 was the year when I made around $10k in 7 months. I was free during that period as I had graduated. During that period, I was using CL as traffic source to drive PPS sales. After CL stopped adult related posting and the world had moved to Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter, I never imagined that adult marketing would be possible on these platforms.
(This was my biggest mistake) I should not have given up and tried adult marketing on those platforms.

I joined a full time job in 2014 and from that day till date, I have achieved lot of success in my full time job and my monthly income now is $4500.

I am in constant regret of my decision that I was unable to understand the world is moving to mobile based apps rather than desktop.

Now I want to re-enter the space of adult marketing and start a journey. I have decided to quit my full time job and dedicate time to this Journey. However, I will only quit my job once I am able to get atleast $50 a day.

Aim of this journey: Drive traffic to my landing page NOT for CPA or any other type of conversions. Just to observe the behavior of my visitors. Because my aim is to start providing adult services online and have my own payment setup to bill my customers.

My setup as of today:

- I have hired a developer to make a landing page related to a particular niche - $150
- Domain purchased - $15
- Hosting purchased - $ 50

Initial Budget: $700

Remaining Budget: $485

When I used to run my CL venture, I had a venture partner who used to post ads on CL and I was responsible of ensuring the email inboxes rather than hitting the SPAM folder.

Now for this Journey, I do not have a venture partner.
Looking for one.

Next steps:

- Wait for developer to complete Landing Page development - ETA 10 Days
- Hire a designer to get creative banners to advertise on Traffic Junky - ETA 2 Days
- Hunt for a venture partner / mentor who can help drive traffic and setup effective campaigns on Traffic Junky
- Receive feedback and motivation from fellow BHW members

Looking forward to make this journey a success. If this fails, I'll never enter this space again.
I will only quit my job once I am able to get atleast $50 a day.
I wouldn't recommend you to quit your job at all for now. The reason behind this is because the media buying industry is very volatile. Campaigns can work for 1 day or 1 month or even a year. But eventually they will face something called saturation, and thats when you need to test other landers, offers etc. If you don't already have some campaigns running that cover your living costs and budget costs for campaigns, i would not suggest quitting your job anytime soon.
If this fails, I'll never enter this space again.
You will most likely fail for the first campaigns and that is pretty normal in media buying. The reason is because you first need to figure out what is working and what is not working. You can pay for a Adplexity Subscription and spy on your competitors but without any significant info on how you wanna target your audience we can't really help you either. Also, i would strongly suggest you get a bigger budget for testing purposes.

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