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    Hey everyone.

    I first heard of affiliate marketing/SEO a week ago and have spent every day the past seven days reading up for 8-12 hours a day and trying to figure out how exactly to make money online.

    I have two different approaches... one site will be a blog style site that I try to get clickbank ebooks sold on and another will be a niche site that I did the keyword research for myself.

    This post will follow my progress on trying to rank the niche site on google. Here is the lowdown on the keyword...

    KW 1 (main keyword) Exact Local Matches: 4,400 CPC: 1.1 Adwords comp:High

    I have an EMD for this keyword.

    Others I'm hoping to rank for...

    KW 2: Exact Local Matches:5,400 CPC:1.08, Adwords comp:High
    KW 3: Exact Local Matches: 1,300 CPC: 1.22, Adwords Comp: High
    KW 4 : Exact Local Matches:6,600 CPC:1, Adwords Comp: High
    KW 5: Exact Local Matches:480 CPC: 0.86, Adwords Comp:Medium

    Here is the competition as far as google SERPs go according to market samuri:
    (it wouldn't let me post and image. Oh well. It looks relatively green/yellow. 3 0 PR sites in the top 10)

    SERP IQ is giving me a score of 44 (average competition) but I really don't believe it after checking out the SERP for myself and running it through market samuri.

    I have 4 reviews up right now on the product KW 1 is. They are all original (I wrote them myself, they are entertaining, and realistic with no comparable content on the web). They average 450 words each.

    I just threw up adsense on there, and they have yet to approve me. We'll see how it goes. I'm going to monetize through that and another program which gives me 8% on products sold through there site. I'll likely throw up a link at the end of each review with a link to their site and that product when I get approved to that network.

    I'm still learning about different kinds of link building, but for week 1...

    Week 1: 10 High PR backlinks/day manually.

    Post up with some feedback or good luck!
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    Good luck mate!
    Sounds like you got off for a good start, keep up the momentum. Many people cba to read/research as much as you have! :)

    Please keep us updated on how you succeed