[Journey] A Journey of an A-levels student to quick riches through Sport Betting

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    Recently, I've seen many threads about sports betting and would like to hop on the bandwagon. I just turned 18 in year however I've been betting sports for almost 2 years. I'm going to admit, during the first few months I made around RM 1500 which equivalent to around $500. However, the next year I've lost $1000 which is RM 3000. I started getting greedy and bet on almost every matches. (From top tier leagues to shitty leagues like india football)

    The reason I've started this journey is to keep track of my bet and to make sure that I follow the set of rules which I set for myself.

    1) Only bet on familiar leagues (English,Brazil,Spain,France,NBA,NHL)
    2) Each bet not more than 5% of the bankroll
    3) Maximum 2 bets each day
    4) Treat the betting money as loss since day 1
    5) No Parlay/Accumulator

    I will be starting the bankroll with RM 2000 which means each bet will be around RM 100. I only bet with local bookies at my country (as in calling them up and placing the bets) although odds will be slightly lower but right now it's still the safest way to bet in Malaysia (it's illegal here).

    How I evaluate the match?
    1) I will look at the line-ups, match condition, home or away, injuries, streak.
    2) Odd reading but still not that good (not really reliable)

    Balance : RM 2000
    Target each month : 10% Yield

    Today Bets(10/19/2014)

    1) FSV Frankfurt - Ingolstadt 04 Pick : Home +0.5
    Odds : 2.1 Amount : RM 100

    Reason : Ingoldstadt 04 playing on away (2-2-0) against FSV Frankfurt on home (0-2-2). FSV Frankfurt have yet to find any home wins but however they have won 2 away matches and they were able to comeback from a 0-2 against St Pauli in their previous game but was unfortunate for the last minute goal which made it a draw. In Bundesliga 2 not many goals are scored, backing home +0.5 would be the safer option.

    2) Inter Milan - Napoli Pick : Over 2.5
    Odds : 1.94 Amount : RM 100

    Reason : Inter Milan's defence have been a joke, conceded a total of 7 goals in their past 3 games and scored 3 against low/mid tier teams like Cagliari & Fiorentina. I don't see how are they able to defence against the likes of Marek Hamsik, Gonzalo Higuan, Callejon, Mertens and Insigne. If Inter insist on playing an attacking 3-5-2 formation, the results would be the same like previous games.

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    Results = 1W-0D-1L

    Balance : RM 1996

    Day 2 Bets
    1) Dallas Mavericks - Memphis Grizzlies Pick : Away +3
    Odds : 2.0

    2) San Antonio Spurs - Sacramento Kings Pick : Away +5
    Odds : 1.94

    RM 200 each.

    Won't be able to watch the match tomorrow as I'm doing my 2nd paper for the exam.
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    Good start. Do update us