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    Hello Everyone!
    I've been here a while, due to personal reasons I had no time for trying to become an Internet Marketer. Now, however I have lots of time and motivation and I would do my best without quitting to achieve my goals.
    I'm kindda old-new to this whole IM niche so i'll need you guys to help me with questions along the way. I am good at finding information by myself over the net so I don't need to be spoonfed, but again, as I said - I do require some assistance. Now, As title says, I will try a few methods. I have ALL DAY LONG to invest on IM, so time is no concern. I've also been working for the most part of my life ever since I was a kid, so I have some money to put into it as well. I'm currently 22 and out of job for about a month.

    Milestones for reaching the goal of 50$ / day or 1500$ / month
    • 1st milestone - 10$ / day or 300$ / month (Loading...)
    • 2nd milestone - 30$ / day or 900$ / month (Loading...)
    • 3rd milestone - 50$ / day or 1500$ / month (Loading...)
    As I see it - After the goal is reached, taking 1500$ / month and making it 4000$ / month should be easier than making the first 300$ / month, right? When making good money already its a question of leveraging, streamlining, boosting and expanding. Again, maybe i'm wrong, but I think that should be easier than reaching the first milestone.

    Method #1: SEO for Niche Sites + Amazon.
    *Already chose the niche and amazon seems like the right choice for it, it's basically a product review(s)/manual/tips site

    Method #2: Youtube + CPA / PPD / Clickbank
    *Well, everyone other guy is doing it and many report success, might as well try to get a solid steady income (as little as it would be).
    *First, i'll try the gaming 'hacks' thing (click here for that post)
    *Also, I will try niche videos with CPA / Clickbank (like weight loss videos, but on a different niche)

    Method #3: Build a private network (Forex / Trading niche) for the purpose of selling links.
    *This seem like a good steady income method that can make about 100-200$ a month from 10 sites.

    To do / Progress:
    Obviously before i'll get to the fun stuff, first I need to get over the boring stuff.
    1. Buy domains / host / content (Loading...)
    2. Find / Buy hosting with at least 10 different c-classes (Loading...)
    3. Set up the niche site and the network sites, upload content, change theme, plugins etc... (Loading...)
    4. Create one Youtube video (Loading...)
    Currently Using:
    • Market Samurai
    • Scrapebox + Proxies
    • Free Majestic Account
    • BHW :cool:

    Some help would be appreciated :)
    1. If you know any tool/service/program that can help me with my methods, I would appreciate it if you tell me.
    2. What do you guys think in general about my methods? Anything needed to be changed or done differently?

    Let's make it together
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    Sounds like your on the right path. First thing I'd say is get the mind set of 'I have all the time in the world' out of your head. A month will FLY by and before you know it you have 5 shitty youtube videos, 50,000+ posts on BHW and $26 in your CPA account. Really try and implement realist goals. e.g. Complete website a by tuesday, create and upload 2 videos by xx. Personally I find this helps, (also get a white board and a calendar;))

    Have you thought about invest the time into making an authority site? Make a huge gaming blog/review site, have a section where people can upload there incredible gaming skills(getting a community is a winner in my opinion). A forum with tips tricks cheats etc. review the latest games with YT videos and amazon aff links, CPA lock cheats/tips/expansions and discount codes for sites.

    may not be for you, I've had far to much coffee today and am super skatty

    I'll stop writing now and go for a walk
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    May 31, 2012
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    I like your plan!

    Also your 3rd Milestone is easily achievable with Method 2 alone!

    $50/day can be achieved on autopilot with Method 2. Just make sure to pick the right niche.

    I recently started a Journey using Method 2 and on the first day I made $40+, so it can be done.

    I would cut Method 3 out though, it seems like the least profitable of the 3. It would be best to spend more time on the first 2 methods.

    Anyway I wish you the best of luck.
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    About the 'all the time in the world' I absolutely don't think so, what I meant is that I have all day to invest on these methods, so 'work on just one method and focus' type of way is not a MUST when you don't have a day job / family etc...
    About the gaming community, I think that would take a lot of work and experience, and i'm not a gamer. That does sounds like a great plan but not for me.
    I am thinking about an authority site, but I wanna get some more experience and $$$ before getting on to it.
    Thanks you for your comment!

    Wow, that's an awesome start you made!
    The thing is, I would like to receive income from a few different methods, so if one goes down i'll have a few left.
    About the private blog network, why do you think its not profitable?
    I'm only asking because i've been working part time as a freelancer who buys links from such networks and it seems easy when all you have to do is create a network with no SEO job at all and just focus on no footprints, PR and some amount of indexed pages (and of course not looking like garbage sites).