[JOURNEY] $4,000 a month in a few months ~ Re-selling + IM + SEO (Automated)

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    What's up BHW?

    I finally came up with a perfect niche for a huge reselling business. I don't have all the plans down yet, but I'm psyched to get started on this. I plan to hit $4,000 a month in the next fews months. I have a pregnant girlfriend and a son that's coming in two months, so I really am going big with my method. I have all the skills that I'll need to put this plan into motion.

    I plan to drop ship from various marketplaces to Amazon. Then I will use various forms of IM and SEO to drive REAL, targeted traffic to my products on amazon. Many people think that you have to just dump products somewhere and hope that someone comes across them and buys them from you. This results in shit profit. So that's why I'll be using many different methods to drive targeted buyers to my products. My niche does not have a lot of competition, but has lots of potential customers. I plan on building a system much like http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/my-journey-discussions/471377-zen19-40million-10-000-hours.html that will collect various data points to really target my traffic, and a system to manage my listings on Amazon and automate the order process.
    I will be updating this thread almost daily with my daily activities and all other stuff. There is a lot of work to be done in getting this whole plan perfect.

    So far that's what I have. I'll be jotting more ideas down and building this system up. I hope that within a week I'll have everything setup to begin the first few testing phases. After reading Zen19's thread, I really found his way of organizing and thinking to be the best way to tackle problems. Do everything right and don't skip steps.

    So here we go..

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    Seems interesting. I'll be following this thread.

    Good luck :)
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    change that god damn font if you want someone else to read that
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    United Kingdom
    Good luck and please, please, please don't make this another typical journey thread with a few regular, initial posts then an apology for not posting for a while and then thread death. Leaving behind nothing but 3 pages of comments that someone will try and follow in the future only come to no discernible conclusion or answers :)
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    Thanks guys. I definitely don't plan on letting this die out. I work a lot during the week, so there may be nights were I won't update. But I'll definitely be active here.
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    DSM I have mastered the art already. Send me a pm with your skype and I will help you out.
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    Good luck, for your biz in IM and for beeing dad in short time.
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    Thanks for the best wishes guys. Currently at work but ill update you guys later. I'm writing down some notes and plans during my free time, so I've already started planning some of the components.
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    Hey what's up BHW?

    Today is the first update, and I've gotten quite a bit of work done. Using the ideas that I jotted down at work, I have put everything down on paper and came up with the first design for this system. The diagram below should give you an idea of what's going on in basic terms. I've also started some product research to see what offers I want to get first.

    So, that is it in a nutshell. There are many components to work on, and I will be starting on the leads and database. I will also be building my review site and start delivering traffic so that I can better test out the various lead generation methods.

    So far, status are all 0.