[Journey] $200/day with Youtube Marketing [2013 Challenge]

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    Guys, gals and gays,

    This is my 2nd Journey while the 1st journal didnt complete.
    My first Journey http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...5-journey-have-1channel-ch-clone-website.html needs long time to complete so I let it alone without any SEO and effort. I intent to make around 10 sites, let them grown for 6months and flip them. That's another story, let focus on this.

    My plan is create videos with Video Marketing Blaster and mass upload them with Mass Video Blaster. I'll choose Clickbank to promote. TET holiday in my country which is happened in the new lunar year will come in Feb 7. So I'll start this Journey in Feb 15. Please wait me for update.

    I want to post this Journey soon because I want to share with you my little success.

    2 weeks ago, I bought Mass video blaster with $97. So I decide to monetize that tool to payback and collect some money to buy more tool for this journey. I create a youtube backlinks gig on Fiverr and sell backlinks. Now I earned $260 with that service in 2 weeks. My money was payback and I bought Video Marketing Blaster someday ago :D

    Today I received 4 orders from Fiverr (that's $16)

    I hope you'll be inspired with my little success.

    I'll start this Journey in Feb 15. :D Hope you'll interested in with.
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    Ill follow ur journey.
    hope ull succed mate.
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    congrats. will follow you