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Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by ApexTemple, Apr 15, 2017.


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  1. ApexTemple

    ApexTemple Newbie

    Dec 11, 2016
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    Hey there,
    I registered a few months ago and since then I learned a lot from this forum. I don't even know what I didn't learned I probably picked up every theard from 2011 to 2017. I have a lot to share and I want to give you back guys...

    I'm not from spain, just using my new skills

    What is my intention with this journey

    At this very moment I registered my second domain for an ORM Business. However my first build business is a full featured website with courses, a blog and some other stuff. My journey already started at the registration at here, so I already have a lot to share.

    If you are looking for any fast working method, there is non with a long-term profit, so you shouldn't expect to much. But there are definitely enough ways to make serious money online. One of them is creating a website and to sell services. In the future I will give you updates about my journey in ORM and the results of my website.

    Before I reveal to you my method of an ultimate website, I want to apologize for my bad english, it's not my first language...

    I want to give you more back than I got from this forum, so that's why I am sharing with you my full method of a website- , content- and product creation.

    In this journey I'll reveal to you how to do proper keyword research, how to create an website, how to use social media to your advantge and many more things.

    Shall we start?


    The first thing before you start your website is to do proper research... Many people start a business without thinking about what it really takes, there are many aspects that you have to look at.

    One of them is the competition analysis, before you start any selling you have to look if the competition in your niche is large, also you have to look if it is saturated or not. You have to know if there is demand for your product/service or not.

    You can easily see if there is any demand or not, by tacking a look at relevant keywords. So before you even started, there is already work, you see?

    So do the work !


    There is one thing I can't help you with and that is to come up with ideas, but the tools definitely can...
    Since you already have to have an idea about your product or service you're going to sell, you're good. The next step now is to find more relevant keywords and to analyze them, so that you could see if there is any actual demand for your product or service.

    For that you can use tools like keywordtool.io, Uber Suggest or Keywordshitter, just paste your seed keywords in there and you'll get a lot of relevant keywords.

    Now the next step is to analyze them, also here there many solutions for that aswell. You can use tools like Market Samurai, KWfinder or just your favorite one, since I don't really care.

    Since this is a journey I'm not going to give you a full blown guide, do the research the ressources on here are as big as the NSA files...


    Now that eventually you've searched up your keywords and saw that there is little to now competition, you also have to check the other channels, since traffic doesn't come from one place. From here start to use your brain and see if there is competiton on the social media channels, are there any big names in your niche?

    If so, do you think you could work with them togehter? Research your competitors probably they have a blog and allow guest posting, sure it still will be hard, but if they are willing to work with others, you have a higher chance in your niche.

    You can also use Facebook Audience Insights to see if there are a lot of people are interested in your niche, that way you can actually see if there is a big demand on social media.


    Goooood, you did you're research, fine now what? Actually you'll have to create a website, if you don't know how to create a website, just go to youtube and search for it.

    If you're a noob like I am, you should go with a easy to use front-end page builder, don't even think about to set up a fency theme, where you have to learn CSS before you can even change the footer...

    Take it easy, it is not that hard, there are plenty good videos on youtube that show you the ease of website creation and also there are many easy to use front-end page builders like Thrive content builder, Elementor, Divi 3.0 or Beaver builder. Just look through them and pick your favorite one.


    Oh, you better gonna do that or you'll be stuck in the same house on the same chair for the next 5 years.

    6. SET UP A BLOG

    Yes a BLOG ! You defintely need one, it's probably the easiest way to get targeted traffic to your website in your first days and the "best" way to build an engaging audience. And there is the another thing with your blog visitors, you can bet your a** that they walk in your "Free Webinar" trap and afterwards you're going to sell them the ultimate social media formula. And the best is that the people will come back and buy even more.

    Probably now you're thinking but I have to pay for the blog content, bla bla... Write it yourself how hard could it be to write a 800 word article 4-5 times a week? It takes barely 40 mins to throw some content together. Also there are a lot of tools to make the process easier, as an example you could use software like expiredarticles or even websites like Content Forest and so on...

    The possibilities are endless, just go and do the work...


    Before you write something in your blog you want to make sure that peole are actually will see it. For that you'll need to make so keyword research, I'll just give you my process for that.

    1. Create your own ideas about relevant subjects

    2. Steal the keywords from your competition: Go to feedly, create an account, paste your competitor urls and wait for new article alerts, since they already did the research you can use there keywords for your benefit, yes feedly is free.

    3. Pick your list of keywords and paste them into a tool like keywordtool.io, Uber Suggest or Keywordshitter, to get more relevant keywords, if you're a total freak you can paste the keywords afterwards into Keyword Feast and you'll get even more.

    4. Now you'll have a list of XXXXXX keywords, since are some of them are outdated or not relevant you could use a tool like keywordseverywhere (it's a chrome extension). Then make your settings to sort out outdated keywords.

    5. Analyze your relevant keywords with market samurai, kwfinder, I don't care... Just look for low competition keywords and you'll be fine, don't gove with those keywords above 1000 searches a month. Most tools allow you to bulk import your keywords, so there is not much work left.

    6. Congratulations you have enough keywords for a hole year. Now let's go on.


    Surely you want to step up your seo game. There are plenty of guides how to do proper seo, the most relevant things are these:

    1. Use one seed keyword per page
    2. Use Long-Tail-Keywords for your blog
    3. Use LSI-Keywords for your blog content
    4. Use your long-tail-keyword in H1,H2,H3 (etc.)
    5. Use the alt-tag in your image and put in keyword variations
    6. Install Yoast Seo and I don't have to list even more things...
    7. Optimize your page speed, plugins can give you a helping hand some of them are Wordfence, Wp backup, WPsmush,etc.
    8. Define your robots.txt
    9. Use a 404 custom lander
    10. Install https it will help your site, if it is even a little.

    There is probably more to say but that's it for now...


    Probably you're thinking about selling ebooks or courses, many of us do... So where to get the content ? Well just head look here in thread, reddit, other forums and take a look at plr sites. Wow, now you have a full library of content you could potentially create, there you go.

    The internet is filled with copied content, but you could say it is "spinned", there is no need for you the reinvent the wheel, just grab the content which is already there and make your own out of it. You can even use amazon reviews to see, what content people are missing in books. There is even one person that makes money out of this tactic and your jaw would drop if you would know how much this guy is earning per month.

    That's it for now, it's late... I will post the extension of the list in the next days, I hope I could give you some insights.