[JOURNEY] $1k to $15k / month with Adult Traffic (OnlyFans / Webcam)


Mar 20, 2024

I have significant experience with digital marketing, and I've been living off my businesses for six years, full-time. I own several other affiliate sites in the non-adult niche. However, the business model is becoming quite volatile with SGE luring around the corner and Google pumping out updates that seemingly can close down established money sites overnight.

But, I love SEO and affiliate marketing and I don't want to quit working in the field.

Therefore, I'm concentrating on the adult niche for a couple of months to see if I can succeed in this field. I believe the adult niche will be the last to be affected by SGE or major updates. I cannot imagine Google allocating any server bandwidth to satisfy SGE queries such as "Best Foot Fetish OF Accounts " or "Best Adult Webcam Model" anytime soon.

I'll be creating affiliate websites aimed at OnlyFans and the Adult Webcam niche.

In the industry, I'm essentially an Adult traffic generator.

I will attempt to keep it as legal and moral as one can be in this niche - e.g. legal content and no leaked DMCA-type content.

I did a test website two months ago. With a completely fresh domain, I got 5k users and several top positions. The adult niche seems unregulated by Google, and it feels like the good old wild-west Google used to be 5 years ago. In other words, I'm ready to scale.

In the last month, I've programmed scraping bots and created 27 different websites targeting high-converting exact-match search queries.

I monetize with CPA networks exclusively, meaning no display ads.

I've spent $1060 and made $950 thus far.
I don't know if you do this already but it's likely that some creators or agencies will pay for ads on your sites.

There is a website called fansmetrics which does something like this which has promoted OF accounts amongst their search results. If you're getting traffic then I think this would be a win-win for everyone involved.
Hope You Have A Great Journey. Never Give Up .
Work Hard Success Will Come.
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