[journal WITH PICS] Road trip - kentucky to cali follow along for fun or to maybe meet

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    hey guys I'm 1 day into my road trip from Kentucky to California - if any of you want to see what this part of the US is like, subscribe here :cool: also lots of crazy pictures of my sister and I will be posted!
    if anyone is maybe interested in hanging out, schedule below:

    • kentucky (today)
    • st. luis (today)
    • Kansas city (tomorrow)
    • camp somewhere random (tomorrow)
    • Denver/bolder thursday/friday
    • arches national park
    • grand canyon
    • las vegas
    • oakland california

    any tips in these places is also appreciated!

    so far, we've been in st. louis, which we didn't even have plans to stop in
    plan was to get to kansas city tonight - didn't happen

    crazy pictures of us at the arches park below and more on flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


    if you don't know what planking is, google it

    tomorrow we're going here http://citymuseum.org/site/ which looks INSANE!

    will update here and lots of pics on flickr, hope some of you enjoy this from your desk :D