{Journal Thread} $2000 Experiment in 1 month

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    I will be doing a test to see, is it possible, via trying methods from various forums, blogs, etc. etc. to make money.

    The Rules I set for myself:
    -I cannot create a fresh method. It must be a method already found online, though I am allowed to twist it.
    -I cannot start with more than $50. That is the average starting amount for those that get into this. If you cannot afford $50 sell some of your stuff or work at Mcdonalds.
    -I cannot go negative on money spent. If I run out of money, no digging into my personal funds.
    -At the end of each week or every two weeks, I will fully disclose the methods I utilized to make what I made.
    -I must post at LEAST once a day. I will try to update as frequently as I get things accomplished so I get into the habit of posting consistently.

    All answers to questions will be answered in this thread. If you want me to try a certain method on the forum you are either afraid to try or too lazy or dont have the money, post it or pm it and I will attempt it for you.

    Tommorow represents day 1.

    Let's See where this goes.​