[JOURNAL] Lazy & Persistent pays to $350/day

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    Whats up everyone, been a member a long time.... Back when I joined the abundance of information out there scared me away. I've been living my life very comfortably and quite wasteful the last couple years but I expect that to change. Now I'm ready to make some sexy $$$ to buy all that bling bling.

    Ways I'm going to make money $$$
    • Autoblogs [1 new blog a month]
    • Content Locking
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Offline - Flyers?? (Testing this right now, we'll see if its something I want to pursue)

    Tools That Will Be Used (Eventually)
    • Scrapebox
    • NoHandsSEO
    • Mass Video Blaster
    • Market Samurai
    • Traffic Travis
    • Tubenoia
    • Tweet Adder
    • Tweet Attacks

    Goals (For now)
    • Make $350/day ($10500/month)
    • Learn HTML/CSS & PHP/Javascript

    Lets get started!...

    I'm using January as my first month so I have just over one week to write my content then I'll slowly season the blog over a 2-3 week span. The main keyword I'm targeting has 4400 monthly searches and $3.00CPC, the sub keywords also have a range of 2000-15000 monthly searches and a $1-15 CPC.

    For content locking I'm going to pick one niche, build the site, split test the offers and locker design, every week and then finalize it after a month and move on. I had a TV series site that was doing OK, but after this whole SOPA/PIPA/megaupload/TV Shack, thing I want nothing to do with it. So I'm just going to drop it and move on.

    **Please excuse my lingo if its not correct as I'm still learning.
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    the GRAND valley
    ehhh good luck, you wont get to 350 a day being lazy though