[Journal] [Advice Needed/Wanted] Standard Tech Guy w/ Great Online Marketing Opportunity!

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    So I've debated started a thread for about a week. I've been following and reading about SEO/SEM/Online Marketing for .. a good five years I would say. That includes reading books, chattin' with "nerdy friends", and getting on forums such as this to read about whats new and what everybody is trying. I always wanted to hop in the game -- figured it would always be something blackhat, but I never had a huge desire. Not sure why, but it just wasn't. With my last job I have a title of 'Marketing Manager', but it just means that I'm the guy that handles the website and selling the products on there. For years I've tried to get them to switch some of their money they use for traditional advertising (about 100k+/mo) into online advertising. Let them know that I can track everything (website traffic, time on website, calls, etc.), but they were just resistant to change. About three months ago I left that position and kind of became a freelancer. I like it because I get to work from home, it's stress-free, and of course --- cash, most of the time!

    About three weeks ago I was approached by a guy that was willing to pay me 2k to help launch his web store. This included copying and pasting data from one site to another. Unfortunately there's no API :(. I'm still not 100% complete, but I would say it was around 1000 products that needed to be put into the database. He already had a local company that designs, hosts, and provides admin and importer for the data to be updated when it's updated on the FTP each day. Last weekend I met up with him to pay him in cash and we had a "what happens from here" conversation. I let him know that he needs to market. I used analogies that he could understand mostly with traditional mailers, newspaper advertisements, etc. Then we got more specific and sold him on the idea of target marketing. I was rattling off words and phrases such as search engine indexing, ppc, seo, adwords campaign, e-mail broadcasts, etc. without doing hardly any of this ever in my life. lol .. Though I do have the confidence that it is the way to go.

    So, like say, this guy is sold. The bad news is that the actual website is still in a test environment. The good news is that it allows me to be a total sponge and creative genius for the next week or so while this damn thing actually gets launched. Then I'll be able to come full force and start getting paid again :)

    I'm going to live in this thread for the next few weeks. I'll be documenting EVERYTHING and you'll be able to see how little actual hands-on experience I have with this, but hopefully I'll be able to use the BHW community and the forums to treat me well. My goal is to document this and maybe help at least one person that comes across the thread in the near future. It's corny but true.

    Small notes: This is currently a B&M store that does a small amount of business. He's bringing it online so that people can buy from there and get shipped to their house or pick up free in-store. I don't want to release what he's actually yet. Not sure why just something I want to hold out on for a week or so. I'm going to be using about focusing 45% on adwords, 45% on seo, and about 10% on social media / online rep.

    If you got this far - Thank you for reading and please subscribe no matter what your level of skill is. It will be a fun thread to follow .. Guaranteed!

    ---- (Below is what I'll be updating regularly) -----

    Short term goals:
    - Get website with web store launched so products can be purchased online
    - Build and send out e-mail broadcast. I'll be using Constant Contact.
    - Build a unique, affordable, and badass Adwords campaign - This is my #1 worry now.
    - Figure out what the hell the need for back-linking is. I always thought it was a black hat thing. So Need to figure out if it's beneficial or not.
    - Read. Try. Repeat.

    Long term goals (going to be sh*tty for now):
    - Crush the competition.
    - Have 90% of the sales come from online
    - Make 100k+/yr for myself
    - Expand to hopefully other profitable avenues.

    Most all products are updated on the site. I'm still continuing to put the last 5% in there. Downloaded SEOMoz and ran it on the production site. Turns out there's a whole bunch of issues and apparently meta tags are still important? This might be a huge opportunity for myself. Then again, am I going to have to insert a unique META tags for EVERY product?