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[Journal] 10,000 LOCAL Uniques/Day from search

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by steveaoki, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. steveaoki

    steveaoki Newbie

    Jul 15, 2011
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    Hi All,

    I've been reading BHW and posting questions for about a month now. I run a startup that deals with things to do in a city. This is a journal less about IM and more just about quality traffic generation (and getting users). Naturally, the primary keywords for my website like 'things to do in [city name]' are very competitive with huge and old companies working at those keywords as well like TripAdvisor or local blogs.

    Furthermore, I'm a real SEO newbie and have other matters to attend to besides just SEO. I'm gonna lay out my plan below and would love some feedback. I'll keep this thread updated as I go along.

    - 10,000 local unique visitors/day from Search Engines.
    - Focus on San Francisco.
    - By September 30th.
    - 20,000 pages indexed by Google.

    - 1200 pages indexed by Google of unique content (unfortunately, very long tailed keyphrases).
    - Good on page SEO and internal linking structure (though I could use some tips)
    - Custom and quick PHP platform
    - Hosted on EC2
    - 50+ legit PR3+ backlinks from CSS Galleries and Startup news websites
    - Daily uniques are under 200.

    1. Build out 100 landing pages specific to San Francisco with SEOT of at least 100/day and relatively low competition. Include 300-500 word blurb and 5-10 things to do related to the keyword.
    2. Build out 7 San Francisco focused blogs in various niches (like Lesbians, Charity etc.) with exact keyword domain names. Post 10 high quality articles in the first 2 weeks with 2 articles per week thereafter. Don't link out anywhere yet.
    3. Build out 9 General blogs in various niches (to be used later when expanding to other cities). Post 10 high quality articles in the first 2 weeks with 2 articles per week thereafter and 2 autoblogged.
    4. Submit spun articles from San Francisco blogs and General Blogs to Web 2.0s (InfoBarrel, Quondio, Squidoo, Weebly, Wikia, Posterous, Zimbio, and Bukisa.)
    5. Using iAutoblog, create 500 city focused autoblogs and 1000 general blogs and after 2 weeks start linking to the 16 owned blogs and Web 2.0s.
    6. Use ScrapeBox to blast up each autoblog and Web 2.0.
    7. Use 200 city focused autoblogs to backlink up each landing page slowly. (Increase slowly if no negative results).
    8. Start linking owned blogs directly to landing pages with context articles.
    9. Submit hand spun articles from landing pages to Web 2.0s (InfoBarrel, Quondio and Bukisa.)
    10. Email any business mentioned in landing page for a link on their media section (if available).
    11. Submit landing pages on occasion to local focused forums and subreddits.

    As you can read, the focus is primarily to get keywords related to San Francisco. The difficulty is getting keywords that don't automatically bring up Google Places search. We're hosting all 16 blogs on a Linode server. The above blueprint is very time intensive and will be all done by just me (on top of my other work). For all owned assets (landing pages and blogs), I want to ensure high quality content so I'm doing it all myself. The set up alone is insane:
    100 Landing pages x (400 words + Research) = 22 hours (12 min/page)
    16 Blogs x 10 articles each = 40 hours (15 min/article)

    Any feedback or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  2. dtang4

    dtang4 Regular Member

    Apr 7, 2010
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    You should probably distribute your blogs across different servers and IPs.

    I assume you guys aren't a VC backed startup?
  3. steveaoki

    steveaoki Newbie

    Jul 15, 2011
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    We just got our term sheet from our angel investors :) and we'll close that round in a few days.

    The 16 blogs we're running are all on one Linode server. Is there proof that Google cares that much about running all on the same server? It's not like we're running 200 blogs on it... it's just 16 backlinks.
  4. danielson101

    danielson101 Junior Member

    Aug 14, 2011
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    Can I ask what sort of resources you have available in terms of actual people and time to be able to get this done?