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    This is in development, and you are all beta testers.

    Jonny's Mind Games Presents:

    (a Jonny Quick Production)

    Q: How Does a Woodchuck chuck wood?

    1) "Chuck" is a derogatory racial epithet. I saw it once in "Platoon"
    2) Charlie Sheen is a junkie and he was in "Platoon". WTF, I thought only the US Army got hooked on drugs. Was Charlie Sheen in the Army?
    3) Shut-up nOOb. No one cares what you say. You are too stupid to listen to. You talk when you should listen, and you haven't got a thing to say if it doesn't suit your own interest, and that's why we aren't interested in you, so fuck off.
    4) Would Chuck Norris kick those beaver's asses, if he came home one day in his tractor, and saw them chucking wood all over the pond?
    5) Chucking Wood is old school. We have schoolchildren in Bing-Bong, China that have a wood-chucking facility with state-of-the-art Industrial Technology. You can buy a lot of 10,000 pieces of pre-chucked wood online for $7.79 per unit (plus several thousands of dollars for shipping, obviously). Next winter, Wal-Mart will be selling bundles of pre-chucked wood for 8.99, but that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, with a real signature in Chuck Norris's signature style, using a genuine American Ball-Point pen. (That contract has not yet been rewarded, btw...)
    6) The meme "2 X, 1 Y" has not yet been fully financially exploited. They should sell toilet paper (2 rolls, 1 dollar). I tease my team mates "2 retards, 1 ex-pack". Sometimes they get the joke, even. And sometimes they don't.
    7) I don't get the "joke" from the previous thread. I kill 2 enemy with 1 weapon all the time and yea, it's funny but it's funny in a different way. It's funny because I'm a 1st person MONSTER, and these puny nOObs think I'm God Himself. That's SERIOUS. That's not "funny".
    8) I play too much video game. Sometimes I think that real life is the video game. I just push buttons in order to get myself through it. On-line is the only time it's "real".

    You vote. Then you comment. People that vote and don't comment are brainless sheep that do what other people tell them. People that comment but don't vote are what the Bible calls a "Double-Minded Man" (read James), (words to the effect that) "they are neither warm nor cold, but instead they are lukewarm and so I spew them from my mouth."

    Voting and commenting are optimal Expect your comments to be utilized to suit the purposes of anyone and everyone. See if you can't make some of that theme and variation make you look better, otherwise it will make you look worse. It could get "beat to death" and improved with age, but maybe not.

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