Joint Venture: Niche specific crowdfunding project, Required: Crowdfunding experience

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    Hello and thank you for reading.

    I am looking for a JV partner that has experience with organizing and promoting crowdfunding websites, specifically like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

    This JV crowdfunding project I?m proposing is niche specific for a yet to be known industry,
    a future industry that?s going to blow up. The JV proposed here would be a Kickstarter clone
    for only one niche, with many possibilities. We would help the future of many startups that
    we can take away from cookie-cutter, all-purpose crowdfunding websites.

    You?ll understand that I will not mention the niche here.

    Anyone who is interested please PM me with a resume of all your crowdfunding experience. If you're wondering
    about my skillset and what I can bring to the table, trust me I have many and I'm very resourceful. If you match
    the requirements I am seeking and are interested, PM me and you will see I am very capable and Internet savvy.

    I am ready with:

    1) Keyword perfect domain name
    2) Many installation options
    3) Ambition

    Serious replies only please, any questions asked on the thread that aren't specific
    to "Crowdfunding Experience Required" will be ignored.