Joint Venture (I Advertise Offline at UCLA)

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    Ever since I started going to UCLA, my internet marketing time has virtually been eliminated. I still get an itch to come back, but finding time is impossible.

    I've noticed at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) a lot of fliers placed at various spots, even classrooms. They all range from school activites to looking for jobs to whatever.

    What I'm Offering

    To put up fliers everywhere at school at least twice a week

    What I Need

    Offer (niche) + landing page

    I'll get the domain and hosting, you make the page with the niche you want, and I advertise it. I'd prefer that we use my CPA accounts, but we don't have to. I'm willing to go 40/60 (40 for me, 60 for you) since I'll pretty much just be putting up fliers. We can hammer out these details when I find someone to work with, as I'm not really worried about it.

    This is a good opportunity for someone that wants to advertise offline and doesn't have access to a very crowded, diverse location. The niche should focus on school, free moneys, or jobs or whatever.

    Anyone that's interested, just send me a PM with your ideas and lets see if we can get something going.
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