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    Hello everyone,
    I am making this thread simply for motivational purposes and to get others opinions and suggestions on the way to building a passive income online.

    First off let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 20yrs old and I love playing basketball.
    The game has taught me to become dedicated and to work my ass off in order to see success.

    I joined BHW in 2008 with this same mindset and was determined to succeed.
    I spent endless time reading and implementing various methods.
    One of the methods I was using involved craigslist and made me some cash, but eventually craigslist changed and I was no longer able to profit.

    I then went into CPA and made a decent amount of cash, but not enough to satisfy the amount of time and effort I was putting in.
    I began to venture into SEO because I realized this was a better way of generating a steady and passive income. For about a year now I have been reading many books and reports in order to understand the SEO game.

    Yesterday I decided I would take a dive head first into the game and started my own blogger blog.
    I know it would be better to buy domain and hosting to set up a wordpress, but I want to try to rank this blog and see where it takes me first.

    This is my basic understanding of seo:
    -Find niche and pick out keywords
    -Create website/blog
    -Optimize site for keywords (onsite seo)
    -Create unique keyword optimized articles (350-450+ words)
    -Get indexed
    -Continue adding articles
    -Build backlinks in order to rank (offsite seo)
    -Monetize (Adsense, CPA, etc)
    -Rinse & repeat

    So I picked my niche and found keywords with a good search volume and barely any competition.
    I optimized the blog for my keywords, created an about, contact, and privacy page.
    I wrote up a few articles for my niche, and published them to some article directories.
    I submitted my blog to Google and a few directories and to my surprise I was indexed the same day.
    I then added more articles and added adsense, I wanted to build some links but I was tired from basketball practice so i dozed off.
    When I woke up this morning I saw that I made $0.26 with adsense:).
    I know this might not seem like a lot to many of you, but to me it is a stepping stone in the right direction.
    I plan to continue building this site and building many more.

    Questions i have:
    What is the best way to manually build backlinks?

    Should I build my links directly to the blog or setup a few web 2.0 sites and build links toward those instead?

    Where is the best placement for the adsense ads?

    What are some other ways to monetize this blog?

    What are any advice/tips you can lend me?

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and ANY enlightenment is very appriciated.
    I have no problems helping any newbs to get started(Follow me on twitter at dudeisbroke) hell I'm still learning and I learned that you learn more by helping people learn.
    Mods if this is in the wrong section I deeply apologize and ask that you move it to the correct one.

    Thanks for your time!