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    We get it. Paying your cell phone bill is no fun. That's why we developed a new wireless phone service that lets you take control of your phone bill. Find out why switching to Divvy Mobile will start saving you - and even making you - money today.

    What is Divvy? Divvy Mobile is a new mobile phone service that puts YOU in charge of what you pay each month. Our low-cost plans start at just $40/month and is built on the nation's most advanced state-of-the-art mobile network. What's neat is we integrated with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and we pay you $5 for each friend that you refer to Divvy (Never heard a cell company offer that, right?!) Transferring your service is easy and you can even keep your number and use your own phone.

    How do we do it? Large mobile phone companies use your money to pay for multi-billion dollar ad campaigns, fancy retail stores, and clever salespeople. Oftentimes, close to 70% of your phone bill goes to waste, not to the cost of providing service. Divvy Mobile is different. Instead of wasting money on expensive marketing campaigns, we take advantage of social media and give our users the opportunity to help us market our service. In return, you get low monthly fees, no contract, no termination fees, and no hassles. The money saved is then divvyed up to our peeps.
    What do I get? Divvy Mobile is powered using the Good2Go Network, a service of the nation's largest wireless carrier. That means you get unbeatable nationwide coverage on a trusted crystal clear network. Divvy Mobile works with any unlocked GSM phone and all plans include Unlimited Talk and Text messaging services. Premium plans include data and you can easily add an additional data package for a low monthly fee.

    Why should I switch? Refer just one friend to Divvy Mobile and we'll take $5 off your cell phone bill each month, for as long as they stay subscribed. Feeling social? The more friends you refer, the more your cell phone bill is reduced. You can refer enough friends so that your bill is free, or become a Brand Ambassador and even earn money for helping us promote our service. Refer 1000 friends and earn $5000 a month. Either way, referring friends to Divvy is easy, hassle-free, and not required to utilize our service. It's your bill - YOU decide what to pay.

    Tear up your cell phone bill and switch to Divvy Mobile - the world's first social mobile network - today. To learn more visit or email [email protected].