Jewlery Parties for the Ladies

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by WrinkleCreme, Jul 21, 2009.

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    My gf got involved in this thing called Lia Sophia. I was wondering if anyone here has heard of it? I got her passwd and was clicking through her members area. These guys have it setup really nicely. They've done a ton of the work for you and they keep signing up more and more girls under their tiered affiliate system. They really supply you with everything you could possibly need.

    It works like this, you signup and have to buy a kit. the kit has some initial jewlery at a steep discount. you use this jewlery to book a party where you show off the jewlery and get some sales.
    By booking 'parties' you basically convince someone to give you their list of friends and invite them to their house for a jewlery party. Friends come and the more they buy, the more free/discounted jewlery the hostess gets. Bonus jewlery if a guest to the party decides to become a seller.

    You get all sorts of rewards if you do a certain $ of sales per month or book a certain# of parties. The real $ is signing up other people under you.

    The kicker is every few months they 'retire' jewlery and come out with a new catalog. everyone who is signed up as a seller has to order all of the new jewlery so they can show it at their parties. Guaranteed sales for the company!

    I'm intrested to hear other's comments on this program. It's actually working for my gf, she makes several hundred $ per party in profit and now has a rediculous amount of jewlery. I'm not sure how to scale it yet though since it needs to be local.

    I posted some CL ads in our area to help her recruit, but CL does not like 'business oppertunities'. Flyers at the local shows are useless. We were thinking about doing a garage sale type of thing and invite the neighbors to get in on it. Any other ideas on how to market this would be appreciated.
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    My wife does something similar. A huge networking tactic is to hold "boutique" style parties. By this I mean partnering up with other partylite, tupperware, marykay, purse party, etc girls. You hold a party and let them set up there as well for free product, exposure etc. This way you are utilizing their list as well. Women eat this shit up dude! Plus they meet all kinds of new friends and shit. It's ridiculous, I LMAO!

    After your boutique you offer to do the same at one of their parties. I've still been trying to come up with a way to do "online" parties. You could market the shit out of this on facebook and hold an online video conference style party. :D
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    My wife does something like this as well but she sells sex toys and cremes and stuff. Women are crazy about these parties so it actually works. It is not a get rich quick thing but it keeps her busy and she is getting pro at direct sales.