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Jerry West - President of SEORevolution

Discussion in 'UnGagged Las Vegas' started by UnGagged.com, Oct 16, 2015.

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    Session Title 1: How to Win Amazon with Black Hat
    Session 1: Nov 9 15.30 - 16.25

    Session Description:
    Roll SEO back to 2009 with gaming the Amazon algorithm using nothing but Black Hat. How to crush competitors and dominate the hottest platform on the web right now.

    Session Title 2: The Black Hat War Stories
    Session 2: Nov 10 16.30 - 17.25

    Session Description:
    From ?Traffic Equalizer? to ?Throttling? to using intimidation effectively, learn how black hat tactics never go old, they just recycle. Including what is working right now and why it should continue to work in the foreseeable future. This is your chance to hear SEO & Affiliate War Stories from a 20 year Black Hat Veteran.

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