Jekashi's Guide to Making a Fan Page for Fun and Profit

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    In light of the 3-step-template method falling out of use and people asking endlessly for the magic fbml that still works (of which there is none as of writing this), I have decided to write a guide on making fan pages that work.

    The Essence of a Solid Page
    For a fan page, you want something that will be at least somewhat viral. Without making too many pizza references to Snowcrash, pages usually fall into one of three categories: (1) Brand pages (Starbucks), (2) Gimmicks (Free Airplane Tickets), or (3) Memes.

    (1) gets fans because of the brand name. (2) gets fans because it's a gimmick and fans have something to gain. (3) gets fans because it is a common, underlying thing that a group of people believe in or feel. (The prime example I have in mind for this is the "Josh and Drake? I remember when it was Kenan and Kell" page from some time back.)

    While gimmick pages DO WORK, they're heavily overinflated right now. You're doing yourself a disservice to create yet another in most cases.

    Steps to Making a Page
    Basically, it's right here. Just follow the instructions.

    Making It Look Decent (And Interesting.)
    There are four primary elements that people look for when they encounter a new fan page. For most people, the most important feature of a page is the title. Roughly 50-90% of people will not actually view your page. They will either accept it as a suggestion or use the "Become a Fan" link from when one of their friends became a friend of your page. That means people are becoming a fan of your page solely because of the title.

    The second element is your user interactivity. This includes both status updates and pictures additions. In a sense, this is your "community" feeling and also can be one method of monetization. (Addressed later.)

    The third element is the aesthetic value. This is generally centered around the profile picture, but can also be dependent upon a custom FBML tab, if you have one set as the default landing page for non-fans. (Right now, it is my personal opinion that having an interesting or interactive custom tab will give you an edge in some cases.)

    The fourth element is an element that you have little control over: User interaction. When someone views your page for the first time, they are much more likely to become a fan if you have a considerable amount of people as fans already. (This is usually due to the duplicate factor in which pages that are duplicates [See: Michael Jackson Fan Pages with 2k fans] have considerably less fans than the official page.) This also includes whether or not you have spam posted on your wall or comments. Some people do not want to join pages that are just flying in the wind, so to speak.

    Monetization Suggestions
    If your page has many status updates, try selling your updates when you have a lot of fans or, depending on the niche, posting an affiliate link or two.

    If your page isn't as active, you can still post an update or two. Just don't overdo it and have a "Here's a link. Buy this." every update unless you don't care about fans dropping like flies.

    Regardless or whether your page is active or not, you can always monetize it by sticking a link on it on a custom FBML page that looks decent and then routing the free traffic to a money site.

    Regardless, put your own twist to it. You could even flip fan pages with massive amounts of fans for a good of wonga.

    Tools, Tips, Etc.
    All Facebook Page Statistics
    This tool allows you to see the most popular pages. It also lets you see the pages which "flounder" and stop gaining fans. If you're new, this is a great way to research what works and what doesn't.

    Facebook Developer's Wiki
    Facebook Developers Forum
    If you're doing anything with FBML, you should probably check these two resources out. As a special note, always be sure to click the "Discussion" tab on the wiki. People like to ask questions about specific code there sometimes.

    Closing Words
    In closing, don't be greedy. Don't be pushy. You reap what you sow in all cases. A decent page will earn you a pretty penny (and so will 300 decent pages earn you 300 pretty pennies).

    And this is not a definitive, end-all post. I have intentionally left out traffic generation and fan generation, as well as any real idea of monetization, as that's up to you to figure out. The last time someone gave a carbon-copy method for making money off Facebook, well... Oh hey, you should know what happened. ;)

    Without further ado, I welcome and comments, questions, and suggestions about this brief post, as well as any discussion about making fan pages.
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    Thank you for this. I always love to read if it's related to facebook. I always find out something new.
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    Thanks for the statistics page. Never knew it exist lol
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    Like d3lux3 i didnt know that site exists, i just visited it and find it useful, thanks! :)
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    The statistics page doesnt show any of my pages although mine would be in the top 200 for fan count.
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    I also think those statistics arent the best ... is there any other site ? Maybe something offical from fcb ?
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    Great info! Thanks for the share!
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    Meh..unless you have access to special hacks it's a waste of time doing this. ppl on facebook hardly even click links these days. I think 99% of FB users are comatose lol And of that 1% half of them are spammers
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    Thanks for this brief overview... :)

    If you use your own unique ideas, the amount of money you can make with Facebook is tremendous!
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    Extremely nice guidance for fanpage. p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }Now I am sure when you see thousands of people liking your page you would sure be elated.
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    really good tips thanks!
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    Great post, facebook an other social website is good for monetizing :rolleyes:
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    I have an 80,000 member fan page and here's what I've found:

    1. you MUST engage the fans with something that makes them interact and gives them a chance to give their opinion.

    Cool trick...

    Start a top ten list and only put in first three on the list...

    Top Ten Reasons I wouldn't do Lady Gaga:

    1. I would never do anybody wearing a meat dress
    2. I would never do somebody named after a Queen song
    3. I did not succumb to the subliminal message in PokHer Face...
    4. ....

    This way fans will interact.

    Next, drive the fans to cool videos that pre-sell the CPA page or money page. Fans will virulize the video (btw I am claiming dibs on veb 'virulize' so don't steal it! lol) and your fan base will spread your message.

    If you post affiliate offers directly you will be committing fan page suicide. Of course this should be obvious, right??? lol
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